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  1. Monygg85

    Monygg85 Well-Known Member

    So, yesterday I took some pictures put the phone away in my pocket first...then placed it on the table. Im not sure how much time after I picked it up to look through the pictures. Opened up the Gallery and instead of having 135 pics I suddenly had only 1. The last picture I took earlier!!

    I dont understand. I did nothing to the phone. Where did/could have my pictures gone? I looked everywhere (granted I dont think theres many places they could have gone). I restarted and everything. As a matter of fact after I restarted it, in my Gallery, I found a bunch of ad pictures and graphics in various random individual albums with different names? I deleted those! What was that about? I have no clue where that came from!

    What is going on? Never before has this happened. I appreciate any input on this

  2. Android802

    Android802 Active Member

    So...your phone just deleted around 134 pictures on its own for no reason? Ive never had this problem and it's the first i've heard of it. Sorry man.
  3. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    Did you have them set to sync with picassa? I think G+ has that set as a default but i didn't think it was supposed to delete the originals automatically.
  4. Monygg85

    Monygg85 Well-Known Member

    All pictures are gone. Yes. I dont know how it happened. I had nothing synced. I guess I've come to terms that theyre gone. I had videos as well. Right now I guess I'm just thinking about how it could have happened and making sure it doesnt happen again. I even started scanning my phone for malware and spyware!
  5. MartinS

    MartinS Well-Known Member

    Did you try a file explorer to see if the files are actually on the phone? Could be that they are there and an issue with the Gallery app means they are not picked up.

    Try ES File Explorer or Astro File Explorer - both have free versions on Google Play.
  6. ooberandy

    ooberandy Well-Known Member

    Do you use dropbox? As with google+ you can set the app to automatically upload photos and videos. If you do use this, then your photos will be on that service.

    If not, then I'd recommend using one of them & your future photos will be safe. I use dropbox as it uploads the original photo, google+ uploads a scaled down version of the image.

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