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Pictures need more contrast

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  1. Redspooks

    Redspooks Member

    How do I change the brightness/contrast on a Samsung Galaxy Ace S5380. Most pictures taken indoors are too wishy washy and need more contrast. How do I alter brightness/contrast on the camera please.

    I don't use the flash option as the pictures taken look truly awful...


  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Give the Camera360 app a try. It's quite comprehensive and has many picture options. Although you might not be able to improve the pictures too much, because the Ace has a relatively poor camera for indoor lighting conditions.
  3. Redspooks

    Redspooks Member

    Thank you, is this similar to Instagram?
  4. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    No, it's really an alternative to the default camera app. More advanced and has better options for picture quality, exposure, etc. Although if the phone's camera itself is poor, it can only do so much.
  5. Redspooks

    Redspooks Member

    Thank you, I shall give it a go...:D
  6. Redspooks

    Redspooks Member

    I have downloaded it to my phone and just about have enough internal phone storage left for it. I don't have many other apps installed so what could I safely delete that was pre-installed on the phone that I don't use.... if I do uninstall anything, will I be able to reinstall it at a later date? For example I don't use the voice/talk options or ThinkFree Office....

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