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pictures OK when shot but dark when saved and viewed later (Browse All)

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  1. stasiu

    stasiu New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jul 8, 2010
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    Hi, do you see the same?
    When I'm taking pictures the live image on the screen looks OK, it's bright and I'd be happy if pictures looked like that when saved.
    Then I press the shutter, the image freezes (picture taken) and up 'til now the shot still OK - bright.
    But when I call it back in the viewer app it's much darker...
    I know that brightness is subjective and depends on two things - screen brightness and image brightness level.
    It seems that either screen brightness is kicked up by a few notches when the camera app is on (live image when shooting) and goes back to normal when viewing saved pics or the image viewer app renders pictures too dark...
    A bit weird..


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