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  1. shannawanna24

    shannawanna24 New Member

    Hi I guys I have a lg thrive and I have a small question. HOw do you post a picture as your contact as the owner of the phone when you text someone? I can do it with my contacts but on mine when I text back it just shows the little grey anorid guy and that is it. i want to know how to put a picture on there as me the owner of the phone? Please help thanks.

    Its funny how this post has had over 80 something reviews and nobody knows anything about how to do it... wow..

  2. Der Feniks

    Der Feniks New Member

    Well, for one i've seen certain apps that allow you to customize the little Android robot, idk if they are explicitly to customize the pic in the messaging threads but you can look for 'em, i would point you to them but i cant remember the name of the app :$
  3. ch1k3n123

    ch1k3n123 Active Member

    Well I'm not quite sure what you mean by your question, that's probably why you're not getting many answers. do you want your picture to show up on just your phone or on others?

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