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Pilots with Android devices, MUST SEE. (Avilution App review)

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  1. martingroso

    martingroso Well-Known Member

    Ok, so this is my review of the Avilution app.

    First off, let me tell you that out of all the apps created by Avilution, the one that I'll be reviewing is Avilution Maps.

    I tested this app during a VFR Cross Country flight, from KCRQ (palomar airport) to KCNO (Chino airport) and then back to KCRQ (palomar airport).

    In the following images, you will see that I only used 2 check points (French Valley Airport and Lake Mathews) (although there were many more checkpoints that I used during that flight).

    Ok, this is the first photo I took after taking off, right after requesting flight following to Socal approach:


    I took this one right after flying over French Valley Airport:


    Approaching runway 26R at KCNO (to be able to use this feature, simply tap on the airport, you will get info about the airport (rwy length, designated rwy for calm winds, TPA altitude, etc), displayed in the same way than in the Airport Facility Directory, then click on the runway that you are going to use)


    On my way back to KCRQ:


    Getting close to Fallbrook:


    Approaching runway 24 at KCRQ:


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    Ok so that's pretty much it. I would also like to tell you that you DO NOT need internet connection/4G or anything like that, you have to download the charts, and once you have downloaded all the charts, then you can use the app without internet connection. But remember, you will need a GPS, if the built in GPS in your device is bad, or if you don't have a built in GPS, then you can get a good quality bluetooth GPS for around 100 bucks.

    If you have any doubts or concerns, just ask me and I will try to answer your questions, you could also contact the developer of this application, the web page is Avilution – Software for Pilots - Software for Pilots

    Hope this helped you all pilots out there, have a great day!

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  2. Afzoomie67

    Afzoomie67 Member

    Not that I'll use it, but that's so awesome!
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  3. poton84

    poton84 New Member

    Great post Martingroso! I too am a student pilot, currently getting pretty deep in to x-countries (recently flew CRQ as well (from LGB)). Looking to firm up my GPS/mapping/navigation strategy, or at least get started with something 21st century style. Considering Ipad/Foreflight and others. I have Nook Color and am liking the 7" size similar to your nexus 7. I'm looking for options for gps/moving maps out there...getting bluetooth GPS and possibly using app like Avilution. Seems like you and your instructor are pretty comfortable with the Avilution solution. Have you decided to use it or are you testing out other options? Any other comparisons you can offer? Thanks - Poton84
  4. martingroso

    martingroso Well-Known Member

    So you flew to KCRQ! That's awesome (that's my base airport). I've never flown to long beach tho, I have to go there! Check your inbox, I replied your private message (sorry for the delay, I've been quite busy studying).

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