PimpinStien Rom v1 - 7042 goodix touchscreen only

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  1. PimpinEZ

    PimpinEZ Well-Known Member

    I take no credit based off vampirefo 7042_update1.zip
    My tweak script(use 264mhz/960mhz conservative/noop)
    Slimmed down .zip
    modified framework from aurora mobiz v2
    some apks pulled from mobiz v3
    Holo launcher
    Google Play and latests gapps
    Google Currents
    Dead Trigger
    Es File explore
    No Frills
    Term Emu

    This is just the rom im using i like it let me know if it works for you...
    Download 7042_update1.zip from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way

  2. sk8rgeek

    sk8rgeek Well-Known Member

    Havent dug too much into this tablet, but i am curious..how do we tell the difference in the touchscreens?

    Not exactly a noob here..only to ICS

    BTW i flashed and never got past the coby load screen. so i will restore until i see a post from you :)

    Thanks for sharing Pimpin!
  3. ninjasinabag

    ninjasinabag Well-Known Member

    The goodix touchscreen refers to model mid7042 while the mid7042-4 isn't compatable

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