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  1. Mdraej99

    Mdraej99 Well-Known Member

    I have read a lot on the note 3. Things are popping up everyday. But nothing about the pink one since the IFA conference.

    Has anyone else heard anything ?

  2. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    Not a thing. Darling Bride wants one in pink. Maybe on Launch Day the stores will stock them?
  3. Mdraej99

    Mdraej99 Well-Known Member

    That's what I am hoping too!!
  4. bonerp

    bonerp Well-Known Member

    think that'll be for the malaysia market like the note 2
  5. Mdraej99

    Mdraej99 Well-Known Member

    I had heard something like that, but I hoped it would be different this time.
  6. zendroid

    zendroid Guest

    The totally unofficial rumor from high up within a certain carrier I know (AT&T...) suggests the very attractive pink will be forthcoming sooner rather than later. Keep an eye out for it. :)
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  7. Mdraej99

    Mdraej99 Well-Known Member

    Zendroid ...you just made my day!!
  8. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    Since black, white & pink were announced at IFA, I'd like to believe that pink would be available for all markets on launch day and not just for select countries like they've done in the past with other pink devices.

    Usually by the time they decide to release other colors, people have already purchased what was available at time of purchase and then it's too late to do anything about it.
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  9. Mdraej99

    Mdraej99 Well-Known Member

    ScandaLex ..I was thinking the same thing. Why would they announce it like that if it was only for selected markets, but looking on the web sites for pre order ..there is no pink. I want to wait to see if it will be released at a later date, but like you said ..when it does come out, most likely I will already have it in black
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  10. Simon_Gardner

    Simon_Gardner Well-Known Member

    Direct Samsung sale from the London Samsung Store on launch evening is black and white versions only. I get mine then - Tuesday September 24.
  11. Mdraej99

    Mdraej99 Well-Known Member

    That's awesome!! I can't wait to get mine next month!!
  12. zendroid

    zendroid Guest

    My Quandary (truth):

    To post, or not to post ?

    Rumors with reasonable credibility based on very qualified sources. On one hand I want to pass on the info, especially since I hear so much, yet I don't want to mislead anyone. My reputation on this forum is very important to me.

    I welcome feedback on this.

    Thanks in advance.
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  13. rawhide85

    rawhide85 Well-Known Member

  14. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    Same reason they announce 64GB on-board storage,yet,at least in North America,it's nothing more than a BIGFOOT sighting........ :( :p :mad: :rolleyes:
  15. zendroid

    zendroid Guest

    Based on strong interest and robust sales, Samsung is rapidly completing another series of Active models (think N3) production volume is the challenge. In turn this will influence which continent the initial batch will be placed in. More soon...
    64GB models exist in moderate numbers, if volume can be quickly increased they will appear on all U.S. carriers lists.

    As expected Samsung has solid data for black and white sales, therefore to realize maximum sales at launch, Pink is being held back temporarily. Their goal is to ship enough in Pink, so all U.S. carriers receive them concurrently. This may occur mid October, or sooner.

    All info is pending and shared in good faith.
  16. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    Even if this does indeed pan out,what's the point of irking people by not at least stating "64GB VERSION COMING SOON!"?

    The majority will opt for the 32 GB anyway,so,I see no need for yet another chapter in this story,not just by SAMSUNG,but all mfgs & carriers.

    They're all shamelessly guilty of this scheme,to prolong the shelf life of a model before introducing the next best thing. :( :rolleyes:
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    MISS DIVA Well-Known Member

    This trying to find out when will the Pink and 64GB versions be available is seriously irritating, Why oh why can't Samsung just make all colours and memory options available on launch, better still, why not sell the phones and accessories on their website. Job Done.
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  18. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    Zendroid, so what you're implying is that, according to your sources, it's quite POSSIBLE that the Note 3 64 GB version will be available in the U.S. maybe by Black Friday/Holidays? That they're feeding the 32 GB version to us "early adopters" and deliberately holding the 64 GB version back for the "masses"? :confused:

    BTW, if you're wrong on a rumor, be adult enough to own up to it and admit you were wrong... and your stellar reputation here will be intact. Heaven knows I've been wrong often enough and they keep me around :)
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  19. zendroid

    zendroid Guest

    I could not agree more. Out of nothing more than coincidence I just happen to have a very good friend that is a senior exec in the mobile division of Samsung USA. He's the one carefully giving me what he can, since he knows what an enthusiast I am, and shares some of the same frustrations with the company we all do.

    I work for a multi-national large scale German company that's well known in the USA, I too find that some things get lost in the translations between cultures, even if ever so obvious to myself and others.
    It seems that this post above contains some assumptions that were not contained in my prior posts. While I would like to clarify, obviously what I am sharing is already being taken out of context.

    Furthermore, my status as an "adult" seems to be in question, this does not sit well with me. I am no shrinking violet and perfectly capable of sharing both good and bad news.

    Let's not forget I am not in control of the info, but merely passing on what I am told out of good intentions as a very passionate enthusiast with great connections.

    That said, I think it's best that I keep what I hear to myself, so as to not be made vulnerable to assumptions, misrepresentations of what I said, and accusations that I am simply spreading rumors.

    Going forward I will cease passing on info and will simply keep my communications to present moment dialog.

  20. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator


    I am so sorry that I made such an offense to you. I would NEVER question a member's maturity, and certainly didn't intend that to be read the way that you interpreted it.

    My point was that I have often been wrong on information and it's okay to be wrong... and admitting that it's wrong is perfectly okay and doesn't diminish from your contributions at all.

    At no point did I intend to call your adulthood or maturity into question, and I apologize if I crafted the post in such a way that you inferred that. You have my assurances that I will try to be more judicious in any future posts.


    EDIT: Back to the topic at hand...

    I looked at the Samsung page and while I don't know that it was ever there to begin with, the color options don't list pink as an option.
  21. Mdraej99

    Mdraej99 Well-Known Member

    I'm so disappointed. I really thought when I saw it announced, that I was finally going to get a pink phone :-(

    MISS DIVA Well-Known Member

    If I was you, I'd just wait. Don't rush in and buy a black/white one, as knowing Sammy, they may release the Pink at a later date.

    They know that it's the black and white which will be the more popular colour, hence why they are available now.
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  23. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    Besides: you can always get a pink S-View cover or folder w/battery cover. That will essentially do that same thing for you :)
  24. ManaBurnX

    ManaBurnX Member

    Well over here in Thailand we will be able to pick up our Note 3s on the 25th. The 32gb model is the only model available here and there is no pink note as well. I wanted black so I didn't care about the pink not coming but I really wanted the 64gb note so I could put whatever on it without having to worry about a sd card error.
  25. atrain311

    atrain311 Well-Known Member

    I've purchased eight different flip covers for my note 2. When closed, you'd have no idea it wasn't entirely that color. My first note 2 was gray, looked great in every color flip case I owned. Then, when I bricked the gray one, my replacement was white and the covers looked just as good. So, you can wait for the pink or in my opinion, get the white note 3 and go for a pink flip cover. (I say white, because my wife's S3 is white and looks great with her pink cover)

    Oh, and before you think I'm rich owning that many flip covers, you can buy them off of eBay, with nfc chip for anywhere from four to thirteen dollars.
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