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  1. jdsingle

    jdsingle Well-Known Member

    I originally posted this back in January
    and now I am a little bit upset.

    I'm glad that the EVO 3D can do full HDMI out for everything on the phone. I didn't buy a navigation portion of my head unit because it was $200-300 and I would prefer to use Google Maps. Now that I have full HDMI out, I didn't buy a HU with an input for HDMI because at the time it didn't seem like this wish would come true! Now I have to hope that one of the HDMI to Composite converters actually legitimately works otherwise I'm screwed!

    Has anyone used one of these successfully?

    UPDATE: Just looked at the converters....$200?!?

  2. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    Yeah those converters are expensive. They don't make head units with HDMI? I hope so cause I'd love to get that all set up.
  3. jdsingle

    jdsingle Well-Known Member

    I know they do. You just have to look around. Most of it is based on the fact that their is little need for an HDMI input in a HU on a car. I should've bought one with the input. I'm not happy about that.
  4. lordofthereef

    lordofthereef Well-Known Member

    I'd like something like this. The problem is the tech on each phone seems to change. I can stomache phones lasting about 12 months, but upgrading my head unit yearly is just too big a PITA for the amount I use it LOL!
  5. jdsingle

    jdsingle Well-Known Member

    No way, just upgrade once with an HDMI input and you're golden!
  6. lordofthereef

    lordofthereef Well-Known Member

    The only issue here is plugging HDMI into the front leavs you with something REALLY beefy IMO. I was ok with the look of AUX-IN, but HDMI in seems far less elegant.
  7. jdsingle

    jdsingle Well-Known Member

    HIGHLY doubt it would be a front input. Even on almost all Double Din units all the plug ins are in the back. Only things you can put in the front are SD card and disc
  8. lordofthereef

    lordofthereef Well-Known Member

    Well, in that case the potential issue is the next device. Will it have the new HDMI? Will it utilize the new miniUSB all in one (forgot the name LOL) input? I suppose I could always keep pulling the head unit out and replacing the cable every so often if need be.
  9. jdsingle

    jdsingle Well-Known Member

    What car are you driving? Only takes me about 20 minutes tops to pull everything out to get to the back of the HU. Plus, even if you do it once a year, that is not a ton of work. There is only one issue I had found with this order to listen to music, I think you'd have to have it playing on the phone while GPS is up and running.
  10. lordofthereef

    lordofthereef Well-Known Member

    I have a tacoma. It certainly isn't impossible to pull it out, just simply annoying to have to is all. With every phone comes new cables, new expenses, and new annoyances! LOL
  11. pastorjason

    pastorjason New Member

    As of March 2012, there is still no HU with HDMI input...except, Double-DIN-Lilliput-669GL-70NP-C-T. However, it kinda sucks. and no DVD, and you would have to configure the audio separately.
    So, as of now, I'm keeping my double din navigation dvd player that has one composite input.
    What I've done in my car is - I've connected my HDMI to a composite converter, but that means my HDMI is now 480p. and the picture is decent, but not great. colors look faded, and the sound has some hissing, even when using Monster cables.
    I'm using a Droid Razr.
    I'm also using a dedicated switch, so I can switch between my ipod and phone.

    Let us know if you find a HU with a good HDMI input, with a few bells and whistles.
  12. BlackDynamite

    BlackDynamite Well-Known Member

    I have a Pioneer also. I bought a HDMI to composite converter on ebay for a lot less than $200, lol.
  13. jdsingle

    jdsingle Well-Known Member

    I didn't see anything on any site I searched a year ago that was around $40. The $200 was new from Amazon or something if I remember correctly.

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