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  1. strategy

    strategy Well-Known Member

    I just released my second Android game, Pirates & Traders, on the market yesterday. It's early days yet, so I am fully occupied stomping bugs. If any of you will admit to having played it, and have run into any issues, please let me know (either shoot me an e-mail or post here). Although I appreciate all constructive feedback on the market, direct feedback is just infinitely more valuable.

    The game is a turn-based role-playing/trading game; the inspiration for the game is - I believe - obvious. As and when I get time, I hope to expand the game with a lot of additional gameplay. Suggestions and wishes are also welcome.


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  2. fatflatfly

    fatflatfly Active Member

    Will try this out now
  3. e2the2nd

    e2the2nd Member

    Gonna give it a whirl
  4. Randomdog

    Randomdog Member

    Looks great, downloading now :)

    (You might want to put a QR code in the first post btw :p)
  5. Akkuzo

    Akkuzo Well-Known Member

    Great Game!
    Some of the rumors (sorry I haven't bothered to record which ones) come up with a {} instead of a place name. Also under the known rumors status header it only shows either the first rumor that you heard or the last one (I can't remember which but only one regardless).

    Those are the only bugs I've experienced.
    Again...nice work!
  6. strategy

    strategy Well-Known Member

    @RandomDog: Thanks for the suggestion. Will do.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I know of the missing place name issue, though unfortunately I have yet to figure out what is causing the problem.

    The known rumors list seems to work correctly. Do you see this right after receiving the rumors? Rumors are automatically deleted once the game event that caused the rumor expires. Perhaps that is what you are seeing.
  7. Deeks

    Deeks New Member

    Just downloaded this..
  8. strategy

    strategy Well-Known Member

    Let me know if you have any issues.

    Also, note that a new version will be coming out soon with a number of bug fixes, an extra super-easy difficulty level for those who just want to cruise around, ability to sneak into port to purchase amnesty, and ship purchases.
  9. Quboid

    Quboid Well-Known Member

    I go broke every time I play. It's too realistic!
  10. strategy

    strategy Well-Known Member

    The version 1.1.0 upgrade of the game is on the market now. It's a major feature release that adds Ship purchases, Amnesty purchases (and the new ability to sneak into ports), lots of minor tweaks and more bug fixes than I am comfortable admitting to. :eek:

    Also a new introductory difficulty level.

    How are you going broke?

    If it's trading that is your problem, you should read the help information under the merchant view - it contains hints about the best places to buy and sell the various goods.

    If you are going broke because you are taking too much damage in fights, consider changing your tactics. Boarding directly (without shooting) is particularly effective on the easier levels where you are guaranteed to have a skill advantage and is the surest way to minimize the amount of damage you receive.
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  11. Quboid

    Quboid Well-Known Member

    Trading - the rumours are often too far away so they're gone by the time I get there. Making any money on trading other things, it seems there's little money to be made unless there is a special situation. I go through all my money on food as I sail around not finding any decent prices. I'm sure it'll come with a bit more playing, I just got 1.1.0 so I'll give it a go.
  12. strategy

    strategy Well-Known Member

    As mentioned, Check the help info in the merchant view - that lists the goods and where you will get the lowest prices for each trade good. The five port types are poor (1), average (2), prosperous (3), wealthy (4), and rich (5). I think I may not actually have linked the number and names of the ports in the help - I'll get that fixed for the next update.

    Generally speaking, the distance between the wealth level of the ports determine the price you can expect. Thus goods that are cheap in rich ports will tend to be expensive in poor ports and vice versa (I may change that at some point to make the trading more interesting, but that is how it works at the moment).

    You also want as high a Charisma as possible, as that allows you to buy goods at cheaper prices.

    Game events (which generate rumors) disappear after a random time period, but here's a little (undocumented) tip: the first rumor you are told in the tavern is usually the most recent game event.

    Let me know how you fare. I want to keep both piracy and trading as viable gameplay alternatives, so hearing about the experiences players have is always interesting and useful.
  13. Quboid

    Quboid Well-Known Member

    Just played a quick game. Loaded up some food and sugar, got a hot tip and went to stock up on paper at Port Royale. I did that, making enough profit on the sugar to pay for more food. I then moved off to where I had another tip (a vague one about a garrison having a lot of weapons, I didn't know if that meant high prices from them buying or low prices from them "losing" them to the black market). I got attacked by a Dutch privateer, game over.
  14. strategy

    strategy Well-Known Member

    Damned Privateers. :eek:

    It's mentioned in the FAQ as well, but if you get attacked by privateers as a trader and you are unsuccessful trying to run away (good Sailing skill helps with that), your best course of action is probably just to surrender. They'll take your goods and some of your gold (I think they take half, which is probably too much, now that I think about it), but they won't sink you if you don't resist too hard.
  15. Quboid

    Quboid Well-Known Member

    They didn't sink my ship but I was left with nothing - no doubloons, and no cargo to sell. Plus a badly damaged ship. I didn't just surrender, I did an indecisive mix of trying to out-run and trying to damage them so they'd give up. Afterwards, I had nothing so what could I do?

    Incidentally, it would be really nice if it remembered my new game details (Captain Quboid, of the good ship Desire :) ).
  16. Joneswilliamsc

    Joneswilliamsc New Member

    Well I have just downloaded Pirates and Traders 1.0.4 game and it is considered as an exciting and convenient tool. It also offers a single-player strategy role-playing game for Android. I played it so many time and I liked it too much than all of the other games.
  17. strategy

    strategy Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, a rather nasty bug managed to make it through into 1.1.0, so version 1.1.1 is now out.

    It's not worth fighting pirates, unless you believe you can win. Nevertheless, as I mentioned above, I do think the penalties for being captured by pirates is a bit too high, so in the new version, Pirates no longer plunder your gold (let's assume the gold was left ashore or very well hidden). So now it pays off to keep a small money reserve.

    V1.1.0 did a little of that; it should be fully implemented now in 1.1.1 (note: it will remember the details of your last finished game - except for the skills chosen).
  18. invalid

    invalid New Member

    This is an awesome game, congratulations to the developer!

    It is hard to get the hang of the game initially, but it is definitely “winnable”. A couple of tips for new pirates:

    Maximize your sailing and fencing skills (e.g., unless you are a “trader”, set your charisma to “1”). Sailing skills will help you close in on ships you wish to attack and help you elude ships that are more powerful than yours. Fencing skills will help you board other ships.

    When you encounter other ships, compare their strengths and weaknesses against yours before deciding to attack or flee. In order to attack, you will need to outclass them in some attribute, be it cannons or manpower. If you outclass them in manpower, try boarding them. If you outclass them in cannons, use broadside attacks instead. If you don’t outclass them, then you should try to avoid the conflict. To avoid them, either flee or surrender. Add you sailing skills to your ship’s “rigging” rating and compare that to your opponent’s rigging rating. If your opponent’s rigging rating is higher, then you might want to consider surrendering, otherwise you should be able to outrun them.

    When you capture a ship, consider seizing it (in other words swapping vessels) if it has better capabilities than yours. Once you get the hang of the game, a good tactic for getting wealthy (though a little risky) is to seize better vessels, sell them at the shipyard for a profit (by “buying” a lesser quality ship for a profit), and then going out and capturing a better quality ship, and repeating the process. One key to this is by to make sure your lesser quality ship has good “rigging” so you can pick and choose your battles (by outrunning ships you don’t want to fight). And when I say capture a better quality ship, you just need to have more men or more cannons so that you can win a battle via boarding or broadsiding respectively.

  19. strategy

    strategy Well-Known Member


    That is an excellent summary of game strategy. Do you mind if I repost this on the official game forum? (You are also very welcome to post this yourself there, of course).

    One small caveat - you should only surrender when playing on the Apprentice level (where a trial always results in your acquittal) or you have a letter of marque for that country (which will also save your bacon). Otherwise, your pirate will be dancing the gallows jig pretty quickly.

    Nice exploit of the buy/sell ship mechanism.
  20. strategy

    strategy Well-Known Member

    Version 1.1.2 released.

    Some important bug fixes to the surrender (players were being prevented from surrendering) and retirement code (players were being forced to retire too early).

    Key additions: regular gameplay extended by another five years, and the addition of a "Fountain of Youth" option (essentially, play for as long as you want - but no scores). Player is also no longer forced to surrender, unless boarded.

    A new (rare) event added: the Treasure Galleon.
  21. Ovreagr

    Ovreagr Well-Known Member

    Nice game! Out of curiosity, has anyone else noticed a large drain on the battery while playing? Of course, maybe I was just playing longer than I realized! ;)

    Would it makes sense to have the cannon upgrades transferable between ships when upgrading/seizing?
    Also, is there a database or list of the ships currently in game and their base stats?
  22. strategy

    strategy Well-Known Member

    Hopefully not. The game does not - as far as I know - do anything that should be especially battery-draining. That does not rule out there being a bug somewhere, of course. Let me know if you suspect a problem.

    It's now called an "Improved powder storage" (i.e., special water-tight compartment on the ship), so no. I did consider whether this improvement should be transferable (it was previously called "Heavy Cannons", which would imply that they could have been moved), but having that be the case adds a lot of special case situations to the game that I prefer to avoid.

    Not on-line, but I will see about putting one up on the website.
  23. Ovreagr

    Ovreagr Well-Known Member

    Cool, thanks strategy! :)
  24. strategy

    strategy Well-Known Member

    Version 1.1.3 has been released.

    It mostly fixes a bunch of bugs that I prefer to get eliminated before the next major feature release.

    The list of ships in Pirates & Traders can be found here.
  25. strategy

    strategy Well-Known Member

    Version 1.1.4 released. Needed to fix an irritating bug that had sneaked into the promotion code.

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