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PISSED about the new updateSupport

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  1. Oldfield16

    Oldfield16 Member

    Ok, so my Mytouch 3g told me that my OS was ready to be updated this morning, thought it'd be cool since I had received a text from tmobile that the OS would be updating within the next couple of weeks.

    But, alas, it's totally screwed up everything on my phone

    This new update deleted ALL of my pictures, and the ones that I did download via a wallpaper app won't load. It took me almost a full half hour just to load the android market. Most of my widgets no longer work (specifically, eRay and the better homescreen widget). I can no longer access ANY of my texts via ANY texting app, they refuse to load at all. Advance task cleaner no longer cleans up any tasks, when I go to click "end task" it just brings me to the details of the app itself, so it recognizes that I have a TON of apps running while I have no way to kill them. I'd love to call tech support, but my phone won't even complete calls now!!!!

    I gotta say Google, what you have put on my phone is complete garbage. Now I can't go back to the old version, and I'm probably going to have to wipe my entire phone to fix this. So good job, you bunch of assclowns.

  2. Joe Dirt

    Joe Dirt Well-Known Member

    Factory reset time..

    You are now running 2.2? ATK and eRay should NOT be needed froyo does a great job managing apps on its own. I will never understand why people still use ATK.

    Pictures should be on your SDcard, mount it to a PC and check.

    BTW Google didn't write the update for your phone HTC did, blame them.
  3. Oldfield16

    Oldfield16 Member

    I'm confused about this whole froyo self-managing stuff.. Guess I just never did any preliminary research on this, thought that an OS update would just be another update like any other. What the hell is froyo?
  4. Joe Dirt

    Joe Dirt Well-Known Member

    Froyo is Android 2.2 check and see it that's what you are running under settings>about phone>android ver.
  5. nkk

    nkk Well-Known Member

    OK, there are a couple of things:

    Google had very little to do with what is on your phone. HTC was the one that made it, and to a lesser extent T-Mobile. Blame them, not Google. That is like me blaming The Linux Foundation ever ytime a kernel update in Ubuntu causes a problem.

    Also, factory reset. What you are probably experiencing is that configuration files and other system data that is from the old system somehow managed to migrate to the new system post update. In theory this should never happen, but perhaps a cleanup script faulted during update, or something.

    Lastly, you do not need ATK or any task manager save for the one built into the OS/kernel. I keep ATK on my phone, but only for killing unstable or otherwise misbehaving apps (I play around with a lot of betas and my own novice coding, so there are bugs; for normal use ATK is unnecessary).

  6. Oldfield16

    Oldfield16 Member

    where is this built in task killer? i just factory reset the phone (which I'm a little pissed since it's gonna take me all day to reconfigure everything I had), can't find the task killer
  7. Joe Dirt

    Joe Dirt Well-Known Member

    I think you confused "good job of Managing apps on its own" with what ATK does. ATK will kill the app only to have it start right back up to finish the sync it was trying to accomplish, this starts a kill, start up cycle. Kills your battery quickly. Android will allow apps to start and finish sync cycles. Also they do not run in the back ground, they will stay in your memory but will fall out when that memory is needed.

    Good read. http://androidforums.com/android-applications/214451-task-killer-do-i-need-one.html#post1852258
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