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  1. blue2107

    blue2107 Well-Known Member

    Went to activate my warp and now boost wants to change my plan to a android monthly unlimited? Which is what I already have.

    Happen to anyone else?

    Guess I know now why they dropped the price :/

  2. GamingForever

    GamingForever Well-Known Member

    they are charging $55 if you get a warp
  3. marke123

    marke123 Well-Known Member

    Ya it's $55 a month for unlimited everything. And they have the Shrinkage thing, where if you pay your bill on time for 6 months the price drops by $5. So after 18 months of paying on time your bill is reduced to $40. That's $15 cheaper than Cricket, which adds up to $180 a year savings.
  4. Riotpump

    Riotpump Well-Known Member

    Yeah Blue, basically if you had the Prevail(their first touchscreen Android phone)you are grandfathered in with the old plan price. If you upgrade to either the Transform Ultra or the recently released Warp, then you pay $5 more. All new customers pay the $55 as well. So it affects all their clientele. They actually sent out a few texts about it directly from Boost last month about the plan changes.
  5. KrisM3

    KrisM3 Member

    My shrinkage didn't take effect right away so I emailed customer service and they adjusted it back from $55 to $50 because I was at $45 with prevail. Got my $55 credit yesterday so I only paid $145 for this phone!
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  6. sweetocean10

    sweetocean10 New Member

    So if you bought the prevail and was "grandfathered" the old price plan if in the future you decide to upgrade will they still charge you 5 dollars more or are you still with the old price plan because i have prevail and i just got it so im not planning on upgrading anytime soon, but if i do decide to upgrade this is definitely pertinen information I need to know lol
  7. Puddin422

    Puddin422 Well-Known Member

    Should be that you retain your price plan. That's what "grandfathered in" means. ;)
  8. powerkane

    powerkane Well-Known Member

    well the only thing i disagree with bost hiking it up by $5 is they say they have the lowest unlim plan but now they have the same plan as metro pcs i mean that what the hook was is that eventually ull pay 5 dollars less then metro but now its like why pay 55 then 50 then 45 then 40 when u can start out at 40? that's all i disagree with
  9. DarkJedi

    DarkJedi Well-Known Member

    StraightTalk is now a better deal for new Android users. They are $45 a month unlimited everything on Android phones.

    BoostMobile would take 3 years to break even. (6m@$55 = $60 more + 6m@$50 = $30 more + 6m@$45 = even + 18m@$40 = -$90)

    And StraightTalk is also on Sprint's network.

    Updated: And with StraightTalk, you can prepay a year for $499 which makes the monthly costs $41.58 and a break even point of 114 MONTHS / 9.5 YEARS.
  10. johnny424

    johnny424 Well-Known Member

    does straight talk offer a decent selection of phones?
  11. DarkJedi

    DarkJedi Well-Known Member

    Currently, they are on par (in my opinion) with Boost Mobile. However, Boost Mobile continues to update the phones (Prevail now has Gingerbread, the identical Straight Talk phone, the Precedent, is still on Froyo).

    Very soon though, Straight Talk will have the LG Optimus 2X. That's a very nice phone to have on a $45 unlimited plan!

    More info on that here.
  12. Hooligan77

    Hooligan77 Well-Known Member

    I'm running an EVO 3D on boost, and have the $50 dollar a month plan because the donor phone was not an android. Has worked spot on for me thus far, and after the 18 months, my bill will be $35 bucks. Can't beat that IMO.

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