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  1. keziru

    keziru New Member

    Hi, I'm planning to get this phone for Christmas, I just wanted to know some things before going for it :) I have an Xperia x10 Mini for now, and I can say I don't like it that much.

    1. How long does the battery normally last, with an active 2g connection all day?

    2. Are these applications compatible:
    -Juicedefender Ultimate
    -Smart Keyboard Pro, if yes, will holding a letter on the QWERTY keyboard show the accented letters? (

  2. jporch316

    jporch316 Well-Known Member

    1. about 2 days light use - text gmail couple of calls - checking time
    2. havent used them all but whatapp came preinstalled on my handset
    3. some handsets have been updated some have not depending on county / carrier etc. Mine has not been updated but Sony have stated that the rollout is still continuing
    4. not yet but ive only had mine a month - i prefer the mini pro keyboard to my previous phone the HTC chacha
  3. temporary2010

    temporary2010 Active Member

    4. The letters will not fade at all. They are laser cut into the keys so that the LED backlight can pass through. The letters are not printed on the keys like they are on a normal computer keyboard.

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