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  1. KenjiSpencer

    KenjiSpencer Well-Known Member

    My Plantronics Voyager Pro UC bluetooth headset works great with the Evo's phone as a basic headset. However, I can't get any of the Voyager's fancy auto-sensing features to work (e.g., automatically routing an in-progress call to the phone if I remove the headset), nor can I get music to come out of the headset when I play songs on the Evo's stock music player. Has anyone been able to get the full functionality out of the Voyager Pro UC with their Evo? Thanks.

  2. KenjiSpencer

    KenjiSpencer Well-Known Member

    It turns out that Plantronics makes not one, not two, but three versions of the Voyager Pro UC, and I mistakenly bought the version that does not have Plantronics' Smart Sensor technology. Why Plantronics makes a non-Smart-Sensor version of the headset at all, let alone a neutered version that costs just as much as the two Smart-Sensor-equipped versions is beyond me.

    So if you are about to buy the Voyager Pro UC and you want the Smart Sensor version, make sure you do not buy the WG200/B version, which happens as of this writing to be the version displayed at the top of the results that Amazon returns if you search their website for "Plantronics Voyager Pro UC".
  3. Formanjackj

    Formanjackj Member

    Thank you for your final comment, this is the last piece of information I was looking for. I noticed the different part numbers of this headset but was unable to find the differences between them. I almost made the same mistake.

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