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  1. KScreative

    KScreative Active Member

    Please install and review my first android release! Its an exciting rework of classic arkanoid format with a new twist featuring new powerups!! And its a free demo!!

    "Help the 'Hungry Starfish' with his mate 'Jelly' to devour the clams who are clambering (sorry for the pun!) to get away.
    Exciting NEW Powerups you can STORE and FIRE when you need to, including the ever-pleasing to see WHIRLPOOL as your starfish spins faster to create a vortex of impending doom for the sea-bed critters."

    Support Independent Developers, Any feedback, comments and especially ratings are welcome!


  2. KScreative

    KScreative Active Member

  3. KScreative

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  4. Fuzz Ball

    Fuzz Ball Active Member

    Wow nice job. You've created a very lively environment.
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  5. KScreative

    KScreative Active Member

  6. PJFX

    PJFX New Member

    I had some graphics problems on my old HTC desire. It wasn't playable I'm afraid
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  7. KScreative

    KScreative Active Member

    hi thanks for letting me know, can you expand on graphics problems? the htc desire is 480x800 as far as i know which is same resolution as what i created it on. thanks for feedback
  8. The Miki Show

    The Miki Show Well-Known Member

    Will check it out. Fishy!!!!!!
  9. decisiontreeg

    decisiontreeg Member

    Checked the game out on Sony Xperia Neo V. Really good looking. Worked well without any lags.

    Just there were some minor things like once the starfish started moving horizontally, it took a really long time to come down. Also maybe you can have a some Loading dialog while the game loads as initially it takes time to load. They are just optional though and overall liked the game.

    P.S.: Can you give some more free levels :)
  10. KScreative

    KScreative Active Member

    I've completely redesigned the back end to my first game, meaning it will now work on all devices with better performance, including better graphics and effects, new sounds, new UI and scoring system. The breakout style game is now completely free with ad-support.

    Please take a minute to test, rate and comment on anything not quite right or you would like to see implemented.

    Thanks Kevin S.

    Hungry Starfish Free - 'Play Store'


  11. KScreative

    KScreative Active Member

    Heres the QR code for Google Play Store listing..

  12. KScreative

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  13. KScreative

    KScreative Active Member

    Does anybody have any comments? criticisms?
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  15. KScreative

    KScreative Active Member

    Bobble Blast Colours utilizes the devices accelerometer to "look around" and aim at the targets which are set up in a Fairground Stall style with obstacles. Using a combination of interpolation techniques the camera motion is really smooth and can be adjusted in the options menu to tailor the user.


    Bobble Blast Colours

    The aim of the game is to score as many points in the time available which can be increased with the purchase of Boosts. Scoring consists of not only hitting the targets but achieving combinations of colours displayed in the bonus box. These bonuses increase the Coins awarded at the end of each attempt, which can then be spent on various Boosts to further help increase your score. These coins can only be earned by playing the game, there are no 'ridiculously expensive' IAP's, so parents can let their children play without worry.

    I wanted to make it colourful and fun for all so instead of using a 'weapon' as such, the way to hit the targets is to fire a 'hair bobble' (elastic band) by stretching and releasing to fire.

    Users can submit their score to Scoreloop to compete their skills against other players around the world.

    Have fun playing, any criticisms, comments and ratings are most welcome.
  16. Unforgiven

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    Merged various announcements together per the new one announcement thread per developer.:)
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