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Play iTunes movies and TV shows on S4General

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  1. xcore777

    xcore777 Member

    My Galaxy S4 doesn't seem to play iTunes movies and TV shows. Is there a media player which can play them? Or do I have to convert them to another format? Is there a freeware converter? It should work with my Mac. (I have Bootcamp installed, but I prefer a Mac version, but Windows is also OK if necessary)

  2. jlb0305

    jlb0305 Well-Known Member

    I'm going to assume the files are purchased/rented from iTunes that have the apple drm on them allowing them to only play in iTunes, iPods, iPads, and apple tvs. This may not be the case, and you may just have mov files (quicktime exclusive the plays in itunes and on apple products).

    If the earlier is the case you may be SOL, although I think there are a few converters that basically play the drm movie/show in iTunes and record a copy as another file, though the quality goes down a bit. Not sure of the name of the tool though and I don't think its free. I beleive the company I saw it from was apple software producer ambrosia?

    If the later is the case all you need to do is convert the files from mov to mpg, mpeg, m4v, etc that the S4 can use. At one time I think you could just change the mov extension to mpg and it would work, not sure if thats still the case.
  3. nativecodder

    nativecodder Active Member

    I had a HTC Rezound and switched to a Note 2. However I was having the same problems with my iTunes movies and TV shows while I stilled owned the Rezound.

    I have a mac with boot camp as well. I got a program called "NoteBurner M4V Converter". I forget how much it was, but it works well. I think it was $40 maybe less (I don't recall what the exact amount was). But yes I found I had to convert the videos into a mv4 or mp4 format to play them on the phone. iTunes does have the videos locked.
  4. xcore777

    xcore777 Member

    Well I'm searching for a freeware that does that.
  5. xcore777

    xcore777 Member


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