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Play Market on Rooted Ex2

  1. ZenPit

    ZenPit Well-Known Member

    So I've noticed a lot of apps I'm using are "not supported for my device" in the new market. I had to find an alt fb app and I just noticed ROM Toolbox isn't supported either. I have some of these apps already on my phone but I'm curious why the "device not supported" banner is showing.

  2. surgerush

    surgerush Well-Known Member

    Neither of those are showing as not supported for me. Are you running a custom ROM?
  3. ZenPit

    ZenPit Well-Known Member

    Yes I'm using RebelROM v2.1 and I updated my binary. However the update in binary was done a week and a half ago and RebelROM v2.1 has been on the phone for a long while.

    This Play Store problem didn't come up until Wednesday.
  4. ZenPit

    ZenPit Well-Known Member

    :( still not resolved am I the only one experiencing this????

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