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play music in your car using the usb cable??Support

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  1. incomeraise

    incomeraise Active Member

    ok i have the epic, and was wondering how do i listen to music by plugging or using the usb cable in the car?
    is there anything i need to do? i just dont know how to play the music.thanks

  2. Well, if you find the way, then please tell me! I have been trying exhaustively to do it without success! :mad: This is my main complaint of Epic...if you can do it (and show it to me), then i am eternally grateful!

    I have copied all my music onto "Music" folder...but my car does NOT read any music folders at all via USB connection. I have tried to put my music in many different spots on the micro-SD card...all no good.
  3. scrufton

    scrufton Active Member

    Are you mounting the phone as mass storage when you plug it in.
  4. Yep...still no go.
  5. scrufton

    scrufton Active Member

    Have you used other devices on your stereo? I have a pioneer and my epic works exactly the same as my hero did. Does it show that it is connected and shows your folders on the SD card? What format are the music files?
  6. Yeah, my Itouch 64gb works great with my car. Some of my music is from Itunes (via Double Twist) and 2 songs from Amazonmp3. It does not recognize any of them! Yes, USB is connected...but it does not show any folders. My wife's Acura is the same way. So, this issue is not isolated just to my car.

    Where do you have your music stored? Music folder on SD? What format is your music?

    When i use BT Audio streaming, i can play the music from my Epic. I would love this, but BT Audio streaming quality sucks! You can hear noise and cracks in the singer's or instrument.

    My Itouch so far beats the crap out of my Epic in both USB functionality and BT Audio quality.

    Thanks for listening....
  7. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    I'm assuming you don't have a 3.5mm jack going into the stereo?
  8. Nope.
  9. So, you guys are able to do it?? You guys are able to connect the Epic to the car audio via USB...and you guys are able to select the folders etc. and play music????

    Hmmm, maybe it is time i use my Epic exchange warranty!
  10. scrufton

    scrufton Active Member

    Hmm strange. Most of my music is in the "music" folder. My stereo shows all of the folders, and lets you navigate to whatever folder you need. I believe mine are all .mp3 format. However, the iPod connects differently than your phone would. The iPod plays the music from the device through the usb. Your phone doesn't actually play the music, it just allows the stereo to read and play the files from the memory. You may have already known this, but I wonder if your stereos only support iPod playback and not usb. Do you know the model of the stereo you are using?
  11. 2010 Toyota Prius with JBL audio and 2009 Acura TSX base.
  12. scrufton

    scrufton Active Member

    If you can mount on your computer then you can mount to any other device. The stereo is just browsing your files. If it works on the computer I wouldn't think the phone is defective.
  13. Weird....
  14. scrufton

    scrufton Active Member

    If you can get the model number for the JBL system you or I could look it up and confirm that it should play from a usb device and not just iPods.
  15. scrufton

    scrufton Active Member

    I found this about the 2009 acura tsx.
    not a definitive yes or no, but i would lean toward no on its ability to read files from a usb device.

    "TSX's Premium audio system is designed to deliver a high performance listening experience. Engineered for simple, intuitive operation, the system incorporates an AM/FM/XM
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  16. scrufton...well, you just put the nail in the coffin! :( I am sure that my Toyota is the same way.

    Thank you so much for you help and insight! Much appreciated.
  17. scrufton

    scrufton Active Member

    No problem.
  18. nth_count

    nth_count New Member

    I am able to plug in a USB thumb drive. MP3 files are ready by my 2009 Acura TSX without any problem.

    I can browse the folders, etc.

    With my Android phone (Epic) I can't do it.

    I think there is just something about where the files are or the format. I am determined to find out what it is and post again.

    My initial suspicions are:
    a) The TSX stereo knows to look down 1 level but not further than that (I will test today)
    b) There is something about the file structure on Android (I doubt it because I can browse in Windows

    I will repost if I find the answer, but I suspect this problem can be solved without too much difficulty!
  19. SeaDadE12

    SeaDadE12 New Member

    Did anyone figure out how to get this to work? I have a 2009 TSX w/Tech Package and I'm attempting to plug in my Motorolla Atrix HD via the USB connection in the middle console, but the system doesn't detect anything.

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