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  1. Roll-Tide

    Roll-Tide Well-Known Member

    I searched but searching hardly ever works....

    I have purchased a few songs from the play store but I want to be able to listen to them in my stock music app along with my other music. The only way I can figure out how to play them is by using the play music app itself... Can I download the songs to the phone memory so all my music will be in the same place?

    Galaxy S3, US version

  2. woodsb123

    woodsb123 Well-Known Member

    No can do. If you purchase music from the google play store, you are only able to play them in the google play app unfortunately. What you can do is, if you have your "other music" on your computer, you can upload this music to the google play website(you will need to download the google music manager application onto your computer also), which will then allow you to play all of your music, both purchased and uploaded from your pc, within the google play app. The cool thing is all of your music will then sync across all of the many android devices that you might own or purchase in the future as long as you use the same google account when setting them up. Hope this helps.
  3. Roll-Tide

    Roll-Tide Well-Known Member

    Well that sucks.... Thanks for the help. I'd rather not go through all that so I'll just leave it alone.

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