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  1. rammertide07

    rammertide07 New Member

    Hello all. I watched some old videos showing how to get the play store on this tablet. Currently has Getjar which is a poor excuse of a market. The FAQ page says that you can't get the play store for these tablets, and its more recent info than the videos. Did they find a way to keep play store off of these tablets?

  2. rmarier

    rmarier New Member

    Don't loose you time with COBY they are cheep knockoff like Chica stuff with a us brand name. Not only you can't get any service from them, but you will have little or no chance of converting a newer model to use Google play.

    They make you use GetJar, a lousy Google play immitation with nothing worth using or you can sign up with Amazone new app store. (only available in the USA) .

    I am in Canada, so I found out you cant download anything even free stuff...
    Basically, COBY is CR@#P. Not even worth it's low cost! :confused:
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  3. William Adams ii

    William Adams ii Well-Known Member

    I was able to get google play semi working in it but it wouldn't sync the account
  4. RoccoSocco

    RoccoSocco Active Member

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