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Playing all phone audio through bluetooth in carSupport

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  1. kalon

    kalon Member

    Any ideas on how to have a Samsung Galaxy S3 play ALL audio through bluetooth to a car audio system?

    The BT pairing to my car audio system works very well for phone functions, but all other audio coming from the GS3 (TeleNav, music audio files, voice recording playback, etc.) goes out via the GS3's speaker or audio jack.

    I tried BTmono, and that kind of works for music audio files, but not at all for TeleNav audio or voice recording playback.

    Appreciate the thoughts.

  2. kryzzay83

    kryzzay83 Well-Known Member

    If your car bluetooth doesn't support A2DP, then there's not much you can do. Otherwise if it's supported it should already be working.

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