Playing Emulator Game Saves on PC?

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  1. legendofj

    legendofj New Member

    Hey, for emulators such as "snesoid" and "gameboid" etc., (emulators running classic video game consoles), is there any way I can play the save states from my phone on my computer, or vice versa? I already have installed on my computer the ROM and appropriate emulator. Some of the android ROMs are compatible with the PC emulators and I can run the ROMs from my phone directly onto my PC's emulator. BUT. The save states on my phone are either hidden or incompatible.

    Any solutions/clarifications on this?

  2. Nashidaran

    Nashidaran New Member

    Hi legendofj,

    Good question. The straight answer is: probably not; almost every emulator uses a different format for save states. That said, part of the emulation process is to maintain each games built-in save function. This is usually an .srm file. If you can save your progress through the game itself (save point, etc) then the game will automatically create or update this file. I've not used any emulators on android yet, so good luck finding where the files are saved.


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