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  1. Lynnigee

    Lynnigee New Member

    So I downloaded a digital copy(.wmv) of Inception onto my laptop, then copied and pasted the file onto my SD card, and when I tried playing it with numerous video players on my Mytouch 4G, the only thing I saw was a moving colorful screen.

    Please help! I really like this movie..

  2. You cant play wmv files natively on the phone. You can try apps like Rock Player or vPlayer. And the other thing is, since it's a digital copy, its probably copy protected, or some other kind of protection, that the phone cant get by. You are MUCH better off ripping the actual dvd, then converting to h264 for the phone. You will get better resolution, and a smaller file size.
  3. Lynnigee

    Lynnigee New Member

    Hm ahrightyy. Whats the best way to rip a dvd then?
  4. There are many ways. I would recommend DVD Decrypter or DVD Shrink.

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