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Playing musicSupport

  1. Brabiaan

    Brabiaan Member

    I recently switched from an HTC Hero to a new Acer Liquid MT (Android 2.3.6) and, with a few reservations - which will appear in other new threads, I've been quite pleased.

    I do have one bug-bear, however, and it's Music. I like to plug my phone into my car (via the headphone socket and an AUX port) but I rarely get more than one or two tracks to play before the damn thing stops and I need to re-start it again. I have 8Gb of music to draw on, so it's not running out of things to play, and it seems to stop randonly, often in the middle of a track.

    I've turned off the gesture controls for music, so it's not vibrations that are causing it to stop. Can anyone offer any insight or, perhaps, offer a more reliable music player out of the many available from the Market?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Brabiaan

    Brabiaan Member

    I seem to have solved the problem myself! Acer Music was the problem - but it was convenient having it available on the Idle screen - but today, I used Acer Media and had three hours uniterupted music (phone calls aside!) so that is my solution!

    Has anyone produced a widget to stick Acer Media on the Idle screen?

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