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  1. DougBCan

    DougBCan Member

    Just got Samsung Galaxy tab 2 10.1. I have some DVD movies I would like to transfer to the tab to watch while traveling. Is this possible to do? Unfortunately, Samsung support couldn't answer this !!?????

    Many thanks

  2. yeti101

    yeti101 Active Member

    rip them to your pc then transfer them to the tab?
  3. DougBCan

    DougBCan Member

    Is there a format that it "better" than others?
  4. fugi1967

    fugi1967 Member

    I use .mp4 or.m4v file formats. To rip dvds I would recommend Handbrake. If they are copy protected as most commercial discs are then you will need something like DVDfab passkey which removes this prior to ripping, it does it automatically upon disc insertion.

    There are presets within Handbrake specifically for Android (and other) devices but I have not tried them.

    I would only advocate doing this to material you own for the purposes of making a backup for personal use only & not from any borrowed material.

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  5. DougBCan

    DougBCan Member

    Thanks for the detailed answer!! Appreciated
  6. DougBCan

    DougBCan Member

    Thumbs up on Handbrake. Great Free prog & easy to use!!

    When putting the MP4 file(s) onto the ex SD card do they have to be in any correctly named folder or can I place them where I want. Tried to get answers from Samsung but they are obviously using "off-shore" tech help who are great at providing one-line answers, some of which are even relevant to the question!
    Thanks for your help!
  7. DougBCan

    DougBCan Member

    I'll answer my own question (to assist others trying to figure this out)
    I ripped the DVD to MP4 format using Handbrake and then copied the MP4 file onto the external SD card (using an SD card reader attached to USB port of my computer). I placed the file in a folder named VIDEO>4 weddings. Placed ext SD card in tab & started video player. Did a search for 4 weddings & the file showed up and played as normal.

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