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  1. Mr Heeed

    Mr Heeed New Member


    I just upgraded my phone from an iphone 3G S to the Samsung Galaxy S2, so far I love the hardware and I'm getting used to Andriod, some ups, some downs.

    The big spoiler for me so far is the fact that I cant find a music player app which will allow me to create/edit playlists on the phone.
    (I use Double Twist to sync with itunes, which imports playlists but doesnt allow creating/editing on the move)
    I do a bit of DJing and used to work on my sets by moving songs about in playlists while I commute to and from work. The lack of a playlist editor is a big source of frustration to me as it seems baffling that this need isnt being catered for.

    Does anyone know of an app I've missed or am I going to have to shell out for a seperate mp3 player?

  2. daz_2000

    daz_2000 Well-Known Member

  3. Mr Heeed

    Mr Heeed New Member

    I've downloaded iSyncr but havent used it yet as I was under the impression that it would import playlists and export play count etc but that you still cant move songs around within playlists on the phone. Does iSyncr allow you to do that?
  4. Ms Lucifer

    Ms Lucifer New Member

    PowerAMP & Winamp allow playlist editing.
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  5. Mr Heeed

    Mr Heeed New Member

    Looks like Winamp is a winner.

  6. by_tor

    by_tor Member

    The default music player that came with my SGS2 seems to allow re-ordering of on-the-fly playlists without any problems. I just press <menu> then there is an option to re-order playlist.

    Maybe you have a different default app??

    My main complaint is when you add a new song to the playlist, it seems to add it to the top of the list, rather than the bottom as you would expect. So if your list is:

    song 1
    song 2
    song 3

    and you are currently playing the list and are on song 3, if I add another song I would expect it to become song 4, and play next. Instead it becomes song 1 and all the others move down the list. To get it to the right place I have to do the re-ordering thing as noted above. Quite annoying if the list is bigger than about 5 songs.

    Have I missed something here?

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