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  1. Harish Harris

    Harish Harris Well-Known Member

    I'm trying to add contact icons for my phonebook contacts.
    But when i try to set an image as a contact icon, the contact list which opens up shows my gmail account contacts :( . I also tried checking the "show contacts with phone numbers" in the people list, but of no use :(
    Help me please :(

  2. Hexx

    Hexx Well-Known Member

    Try a different way around. Click the Phone icon on your home screen to go in to your contact list. Find the contact you wish to assign a picture to and click the card icon to the right of the contact name and then select edit contact. From the edit screen click the icon to the left of the persons name and select a picture from your gallery or take a new one with the camera.

    Hope that helps.

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  3. Harish Harris

    Harish Harris Well-Known Member

    Thanks a lot buddy.. It worked.. cheers :D

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