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Please advise re battery chargingSupport

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  1. clemenzina

    clemenzina Member

    I have bought a second-hand Xperia X10 with MIUI installed. It's my first smartphone and I am fumbling my way towards familiarity (I hope).

    Because the original battery didn't last long I bought a 2600mAh one from Amazon, complete with back-cover. It was charged to 86% when I fitted it but since then it will not charge to more than about 50-60%. The seller advised me to run it down to nothing and recharge a few times. However, I have removed it and put the original battery back in, it had completely run down to nothing whilst removed from the phone. It's been charging for about 24 hours and is now on 68% but it's been going up and down :confused:

    I'm trying to find an external battery charger and have ordered a cheapo from Hong Kong, but surely there is a decent one that will charge batteries removed from the phone (my Canon camera charger is one such).

    I have already got quite a lot of apps installed, eg eBay, Google Earth, GMail +++. Should the phone be turned off for charging? I've tried that and it hasn't made much difference.

    I'd be grateful for any advice, and any other tips for my MIUI Android X10 :)

  2. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    I would suggest finding a way to reset the battery...or recalibrate it.

    Is there an option to recalibrate the battery with the MIUI toolbox?

    If the phone is rooted, you should be able to....you might need to download an app to do it if the option isn't on there already.

    And when you recalibrate, you want to charge to full and drain till dead. Then use it normally after that (never overcharge)
  3. clemenzina

    clemenzina Member

    Thank you, Beau - I somehow wasn't notified of your reply, I must look deeper into the User CP.

    I've just posted in the long battery charging thread, having thought I couldn't have posted about my problem (which had got even worse since then).

    The Sony BST-41 was fully dead when I started the last charging session (3-4 days!).

    I'm waiting for the result of removing the SD card, then waiting for the external, standalone battery charger to arrive from China, then I'll take stock of the situation.

    They say there are good deals to be had on the iPhone 4S ;) but I'd like to stick with Android.

    QUOTE Beau: Is there an option to recalibrate the battery with the MIUI toolbox?

    I haven't found the MIUI toolbox, will look for it once the phone is fully charged.
  4. clemenzina

    clemenzina Member

    Very late last night the battery reached 70% and stopped charging, but I left it on charge after disabling Airplane mode, which I had enabled yesterday because, apparently, looking for networds is the most greedy activity it does. About an hour later I checked it and the phone reported 10% "insert your charger" (or words to that effect). The charger was already inserted. Even if it had become loose (which it didn't feel as though it had), surely it shouldn't lose so much charge in such a short time whilst doing nothing :confused:

    This morning it had charged a bit but it suddenly went into a black screen with some text lines across the top giving options which I don't remember (I was panicking internally) but the top option, already highlighted, was reboot so I pressed the middle-bottom button and the MIUI/Oodie screen came up and it booted up normally.

    Currently it's on 29% and charging.
  5. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    There are literally hundreds of battery calibration apps.

  6. clemenzina

    clemenzina Member

    In desperation this morning I changed from the charging cable which was sold with the phone to my Kindle micro-USB cable - and both the original battery and the 2600mAh which I subsequently bought are charging like wildfire.

    Thank you for the callibration links, Beau, I've been downloading apps this evening because Google are having a celebratory "sale", lord know whether I'll use any of them.

    I wonder how long it will be before I'm back wailing about something else ;)

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