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  1. ChimpBottle

    ChimpBottle New Member

    I do like the concept of the LG Shine Plus With Google. Other than a few unwanted buttons and a lack of response from the touch screen from time to time, it has served me well. But now, the phone is simply unusable. When in use, the phone vibrates rapidly without stopping. Now, as you may know, this phone vibrates at the touch of any button and this is vibrating because a lot of buttons are coming into use (in a useless sort of way).

    When I am trying to text, play a game or ANYTHING, my LG Shine Plus will go to the search bar a billion times per second, and back out of it. I can't do anything before I'm interrupted by the search bar. Coincidentally, right below the screen are the "Back" button and the "Search" button, so I'm willing to guess these buttons are being triggered at a rapid rate, though I am not touching them at all.

    My thanks in advance

  2. skelband

    skelband Member

    Could you add a bit more detail as to exactly when the vibration does and doesn't happen?

    I have one of these phones and I am fiddling with it a lot myself.

    Sounds on the face of it like a stuck key but it sounds like it doesn't vibrate ALL of the time.
  3. ChimpBottle

    ChimpBottle New Member

    It vibrates whenever it directs me to the search bar, or goes back into the home page. That is to say all the time. Whenever I open up the phone to do something, suddenly I am going to the search bar, back into the home page, back to the search bar, to the home page, and repeat. All at a rapid rate, and while this is happening the phone is vibrating constantly. I can only type text messages one or two letters at a time before I'm pulled into this process and I have to navigate my way back to the text messages for another two letters.

    It vibrates because I never turned off the setting that makes your phone lightly vibrate whenever you press a button or the screen.
  4. skelband

    skelband Member

    I don't have my phone with me at the moment.
    I will have a look at your problem tonight while I'm trying to get my USB download working :D
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  5. skelband

    skelband Member

    I managed to get my phone doing what I needed it to do.

    Unfortunately, I couldn't replicate the behaviour of your phone.

    If you hold anything down (like a stuck key or conductive smudge on the touch screen) it doesn't do what you are experiencing.

    It almost seems like some electrical cross-talk between data lines within the phone itself. Has the phone got wet at all or anything spilled on it?

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