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  1. sniperdude

    sniperdude Well-Known Member

    please delete

  2. martinisok

    martinisok Member

    April 22nd I heard on Samsung website.
  3. richsausage

    richsausage Member

    Someone has leaked a Samsung jelly bean ROM over at xda, first indications seem to say it looks stable. Hopefully this means an official release isn't far away
  4. MarKo9

    MarKo9 Active Member

  5. pm5544

    pm5544 Well-Known Member

    Will the Jelly Bean update be available from the software update within the phone, or will it show in the notifications to allow or deny?
  6. Donni79

    Donni79 Member

    I imagine it will be through the software update in the phone. You will need to be connected to WIFI though, it will take a while to download. By the look of things we should have Jelly Bean on our Ace 2 by the end of March.
  7. pm5544

    pm5544 Well-Known Member

    Will there be a need to download Jelly Bean? will it make much difference?

    I've found Gingerbread to be not too bad, never sluggish or anything, but I imagine there will be some improvements.

    What worries me is if there is a corrupted download, will this or could this cause a corruption to the existing operating System being Gingerbread?
  8. Donni79

    Donni79 Member

    I suppose It's just a matter of personal preference. If you're happy with the Gingerbread OS then stick with that. Personally I will update mine to jellybean, I'm looking forward to the new notification bar, It can now expand, to show you a portion of your inbox, rather than just the number of texts or emails waiting for you.

    This link will tell you a lot more Android - What's New
  9. pm5544

    pm5544 Well-Known Member

    I have software update ticked for automatic update notification, does this mean I have the option to ignore, and if I chose to ignore will I have the option show again by clicking on check for software updates?
  10. Donni79

    Donni79 Member

    If you are worried about the jellybean update, turn off the automatic update notification. Then you will not receive any messages telling you to upgrade. If you decide you would like to update the software on your phone in the future, go to, Settings, About phone, then tap on Software update. Like I said in the previous post, no one is making you update your phone, it is entirely up to you. Maybe wait until jelly bean has rolled out on the Ace 2 and read some of the reviews. I can almost guarantee they will be positive. Why would you not want the latest OS anyway?
  11. pm5544

    pm5544 Well-Known Member

    It's not that I don't want it, but I'm always tentative about updates. I take it the phones hardware will cope with all the latest functions as per that site you kindly gave me, but yeah I think I will read user reviews when they become available first, just so that I will be aware of any such issues that arise after updating to Jelly Bean.

    On a much lesser note, on your home screen first page, does your google search widget, the long bar one underneath the weather, does it have the blue google to the left of it? like shown on this image here?


    Or is it like mine that looks like this?


    Just curious why some images of this phone have the blue and some don't.
  12. I don't know if this is any use, it's just a guess, but is your google search app updated to the latest version? Mine is and I don't have the blue icon.
  13. pm5544

    pm5544 Well-Known Member

    When I check mine on the google store it says installed, and an option to open it, which usually means that I have already installed that particular version.

    I have a feeling I updated this automatically when I first got my phone.
  14. pm5544

    pm5544 Well-Known Member

    I do however have the blue google search icon on the first application screen.

    Would updating the google search actully have updated that first widget which is on the home screen?
  15. Donni79

    Donni79 Member

    Mine doesn't have the Blue icon either?
  16. Hmm, I don't know, sorry. I think we're going a bit off topic here anyway. I keep thinking there's some news on when Jelly Bean's coming, ha.

    If you don't want the widget on your screen, you can still access search quickly by just holding down the menu hardware button on the phone.
  17. pm5544

    pm5544 Well-Known Member

    Very true, hope someone updates this thread as soon as Jelly Bean is available for download to the Samsung Galaxy Ace II.
  18. pm5544

    pm5544 Well-Known Member

    Am I right in thinking that to-date there hasn't been an official JellyBean update for the Samsung Galaxy Ace II?
  19. martinisok

    martinisok Member

    Yes you are right!
  20. DSSmobile

    DSSmobile Active Member

    Can anyone explain why Greece is the only recipient of JB to date

    Firmware archive | Samsung Updates

    Tpo be generous presumably it will help with their Euro bail out plan:smokingsomb::smokingsomb:
  21. billynibbles

    billynibbles Active Member

    Just for the record, I took the 'bull by the horns' and flashed the 'leaked' official version of 4.1.2 to my Ace 2 a couple of days back. I'd been reading that Jelly Bean had lost the ability to install apps to SD card, but in my experience this is not so. At first I had a memory problem when installing the off-line maps for UK/ROI for NavFree, but I reflashed the 4.1.2 firmware, and made sure that Navfree was the first app I installed. It's fine now and seems pretty stable*. There's not much in it between my Ace 2 and my wife's new S3 Mini, except maybe the latter has a bit more speed and a nicer screen.

    *EDIT April 1st 2013. Having now given the leaked version a bit more of a work-out, I have a few concerns that, if not addressed in the official release, I shall be doing my darndest to revert to Gingerbread.

    1. The Bluetooth connection to my car dash is frequently lost and then re-established.

    2. The phone screen frequently locks with only a grey striped flicker showing. This refuses to be cleared by either the back button or main on/off switch, and I'm getting a bit fed up with removing the back to get at the battery.

    3. It does indeed seem 'laggier'. I didn't think so at first but compared to my HTC Desire S on ICS, scrolling has become slightly jerky.

    Fortunately for me, this phone is only really a 'cast-off' from my wife's contract. It it's your main phone, my advice would be to leave JB well alone (assuming that the official distribution version is as bad)
  22. pm5544

    pm5544 Well-Known Member

    I'm actually very happy with Gingerbread, think I will stay with it unless there is a real need for Jelly Bean.

    When it is available officially I imagine that there will be an option to cancel the upgrade.
  23. Donni79

    Donni79 Member

  24. billynibbles

    billynibbles Active Member

  25. pm5544

    pm5544 Well-Known Member

    When this Jelly Bean up-date finally arrives I take it that it will show up as a notification, or will it automatically update?

    I ask again as I'm not too sure if I want it or not, and I heard that for Ace II users there is not that much to get exited about. Just wondered if it will arrive in the notifications just to say there is an update, and if there would be an option to refuse the update, or will it be a case of simply un-ticking the option for automatic updates.

    I normally use the Google play store for updates, and I choose whether to install them or not. I wouldn't think that this JB update would have anything to do with Google play store thing though..

    Where will the update actually come from?
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