Please HAAALP! All my google calendars and events disappeared!

  1. garybeck

    garybeck Well-Known Member


    last night I was messing around with an app called Wakelock Detector because my phone (ZTE, Jellybean) wasn't going to sleep properly.

    In the effort to disable something that was keeping my phone awake, I must have done something bad because now all my calendars and events are gone.

    When I go into my calendar and "refresh" nothing shows up.

    When I go into "Calendars to display" there are none shown.

    When I go into "Calendars to sync" it says "loading...." and nothing happens.

    When I go into system settings > accounts > Google, it says there is a sync error, "Sync is currently experiencing problems, it will be back shortly."

    I uninstalled and re-installed the Google calendar app but still nothing.

    I manually refresh my Gmail and it's working fine, so the system must know my account credentials.

    Calendar seems to work fine on the web and my tablet.

    Please help! I'm helpless without my calendar!

    gary in vermont

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    1) Google does occasionally experience "problems" (usually programmers adding an 'improvement'). We learn to live with it.

    2) Go to Google Calendar If that doesn't work, or it can't show you the calendar, it's Google's problem. (They're backed up 6 ways from Sunday, so your data isn't lost.) If you see your data there, just wait until they finish working on thhe sync problem.

    I'm suspecting it's the first one - it can't sync because the server you're hitting is being worked on.
  3. garybeck

    garybeck Well-Known Member

    thanks I hope you're right, but I suspect I did something when I was messing with the wakelock detector. all the running apps were displayed and I was trying to fix the problem by disabling some of them. I think I might have disabled something important
  4. garybeck

    garybeck Well-Known Member

    regarding your #2..... the web version of the calendar is just fine. and what worries me is my tablet can sync to the calendar fine as well. it's just this phone, which I was fiddling with the wakelock detector on last night.
  5. garybeck

    garybeck Well-Known Member

    I tried adding an event to the blank calendar. it just says "loading" indefinitely and won't let me add an event
  6. BRAINZ2013

    BRAINZ2013 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Check the time and date of the tablet if it correct go back to the Google account sync check to see that's syncing and not red . if red keep checking and unchecking the box til it sync .
  7. BigRedGonzo

    BigRedGonzo Well-Known Member

    I know this is a stupid question, but have you cycled your power since futzing with your phone? If not, you may have stopped something that may restart when the phone goes through a power cycle.
  8. garybeck

    garybeck Well-Known Member

    Big Red Gonzo: yep i tried rebooting a few times.

    BRAINZ2013: the time and date on the phone are correct. The sync button is read. I am trying what you said, to keep doing "sync now" but is remaining red. POO.

    I noticed something --------------> in Settings > Accounts > Google > Sync there are a bunch of apps listed and checkboxes. Calendar is NOT in the list at all. Shouldn't it be there???
  9. BRAINZ2013

    BRAINZ2013 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Yes it should that only means the its missing a app are you rooted
  10. garybeck

    garybeck Well-Known Member

    I am not rooted.

    the calendar app is definitely on the phone. i even tried uninstalling it and reinstalling. it is just an empty calendar and can't connect with my google account.

    wondering if I should just restore the phone. I haven't had it very long so there's not a lot of important data on there yet.

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