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  1. rahla

    rahla New Member

    I have the LG Connect 4G and where Im staying at the moment I dont get 4G but I do get 1x... ever since yesterday. There's no wifi so I was counting on 1x for internet service and picture messaging. Yesterday the 1x data connection was disabled somehow and I cant enable it. I even did a factory data reset and we all know what a pain those can be. Im trying everything. PLEASE I NEED HELP. My phone is absolutely amazing and I've never had this problem before. Please please please I will be so grateful

  2. jeffzz421

    jeffzz421 Well-Known Member

    Did you ever use juice defender out anything like that? I'm assuming you tried to go into wireless and networks and enable data correct? If that doesn't work try installing a data toggle widget out something like juice defender to toggle the data. Since you have done a factory reset though i really think it's something else and not fixable by you. Good luck though
  3. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    You either need to update your roaming list or take the phone to a store and have them provision it properly.

    Here's a link on how to update the roaming list:

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