Please help asap before a buy a phone that wont meet my needs

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  1. jbk2012

    jbk2012 New Member

    i am about to buy an android phone my first smartphone :) and i need to know more about this model i can't find the information anywhere checked the forums and checked using google and bing nothing the phone is a LG Optimus Q does anyone know if it has java because if it doesn't have java its a deal breaker i can do without flash player could someone please confirm for me that way i know i can play games and emulators on my phone thanks in advance.

    Edit: this is the straight talk version of the phone so there isn't any confusion

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    If you mean playstation and gameboy and snes emulators, there are tons available and you don't need java for that. To be honest I don't think any smartphone supports java apps anymore. AFAIK Android, iOS and WP all don't support java.

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