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PLEASE HELP ! ! ! Ascend 2, back to stock..

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  1. opertunity

    opertunity New Member

    hi ive rooted my phone awhile back and i also downgraded my 2.3.6. to a 2.3.3 in order to root my phone..

    thing is that im trying to get it back to cricket stock 2.3.6... ive done the process of getting the cricket stock rom 2.3.6 muve music or whatev, and basically it doesnt want to update the stock, keeps saying authentication failed or some bullshnit..

    btw sorry bout my spelling,

    but anyway its saying the authen. and failed and something like error 7.. but at first when i tried updating it, it did its job for a moment.. said authen then installing then something like problem with (myrichpad.apk) blabla blaaaa!!! im pissed IN NEED OF ASISSTANCE!!!

    if more info is needed i will do so word for what on what it says when it fails... any help would be appreciated.. thanks :/

    Email: Imgsrccc@gmail.com

  2. actualsize

    actualsize Member

    Just flash it from SD instead, then the download is a sure thing, right?
  3. Sparklez

    Sparklez Member

    i can help you put your phone back to stock mode it will erase all contacts passwords and any other data on your phone but it will not erase your pictures or personal files it is wise to save all data to your SD card and then message me for more details

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