PLEASE HELP!! Brand new Toshiba Thrive wont connect to Android Marketplace!!Support

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  1. WCFD

    WCFD New Member

    My brand new toshiba thrive 32gb won't connect to Droid app marketplace :mad: every time I try it says "error: can't connect to android marketplace server" I bought this thing yesterday and its about to go back tomorrow!! I installed all available updates including Droid marketplace 3.2 but it still won't connect. It won't let me register until after 72 hours from purchase; is this why I can't connect to Droid marketplace server? I'm so frustrated. Also, some websites won't load unless I clear the cache and cookies before loading; is this a common problem with the default web os? Will the dolphin web os fix this problem? I'm quite disappointed in this thing considering its price tag of $400.00 Please help!

  2. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Well-Known Member

    Make sure that "Background data" is turned on.

    From the home screen: Settings button/Settings/Accounts & sync. Backgrond data should be checked.

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