PLEASE HELP!!! Brank new Toshiba Thrive cant connect to droid market!!Support

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  1. WCFD

    WCFD New Member

    My brand new toshiba thrive 32gb won't connect to Droid app marketplace every time I try it says "error: can't connect to android marketplace server" I bought this thing yesterday and its about to go back tomorrow!! I installed all available updates including Droid marketplace 3.2 but it still won't connect. It won't let me register until after 72 hours from purchase; is this why I can't connect to Droid marketplace server? I'm so frustrated. Also, some websites won't load unless I clear the cache and cookies before loading; is this a common problem with the default web os? Will the dolphin web os fix this problem? I'm quite disappointed in this thing considering its price tag of $400.00 Please help!

  2. havensed

    havensed Member

    If you go to the android market online from a computer does the thrive or A100 show in your devices?
  3. Peaches037

    Peaches037 Well-Known Member

    Your tablet may be defective. Exchange it asap.... The tablet is actually great to have.
  4. egkor

    egkor Well-Known Member


    You are having issues that in general, just work out-of-the-box. I have multiple android devices of different brands and ages, not ever has the Android Market refused to work.

    Usually just set up WIFI and once connected, enter your "gmail" (Google) ID (and password), done. Things sync up, Market just works.

    -Gary K
  5. BigAndroid

    BigAndroid Member

    I'd do a factory reset see if that works. you shouldn't have to wait 72 hours. And you may have a defective device. I'd take it back if it doesn't connect
  6. misuiki

    misuiki Member

    Go to settings
    >applications>all>google services framework>force close/clear data
    Repeat steps but change to google play store
    Be sure to clear all information then reboot
    The problem should never happen again
    Hope i helped
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