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Support Please help confused with amount of roms & files to update I5700

  1. derek10

    derek10 New Member

    I am wanting to update my phone to latest firmware and root it I am new at this but once something is explained I can usually do it. The thing is im a bit confused as to the files i need I have read A few posts on the subject some say use this file another that file or use odin and tick one package another says different one post from Beerkan says to use JD1 then another says JH6. or JH7 some are single package some are several files. Then there is Spicagen & CyanogenMod I'm confused which is best for my phone I know some of it is preference and with later i have to root my my phone to install CyanogenMod but from what i have read i need at least jc3 to do this can any one help me or give me a bit of advice My phone's details are

    Firmware Version------------2.1 update 1
    Kernel Version----------------2.6.29
    root@SE-S611 #2
    Build Number-----------------ECLAIR.XXJCD

    Thanks in advance
    Derek :confused:


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