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Please Help: Droid screen locked.Support

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  1. jgisme11

    jgisme11 New Member

    I can't get my Droid to respond to unlock.
    I've tried turning off and taking the battery out. But still remains unresponsive to touch.

  2. CRPercodani

    CRPercodani OFWGKTA VIP Member

    If a battery pull doesn't fix the issue you could try doing a hard reset, if you do a search for "hard reset" you will find instructions. I personally would just return it though because if it happens again and only a hard reset fixes it you will be loading everything onto your phone again and again.
  3. shocker

    shocker Well-Known Member

    You can hard reset your Motorola Droid if you want clear all of the data off of the device and start fresh. Here
  4. Vixter

    Vixter New Member

    I was able to unlock my screen by doing a slight variation on shocker's :)instructions.

    Open keyboard and press 'x' and power simultaneously.
    There will be a menu where there is a Power Off option.

    Use the arrow keys and select Power Off. Hit the carriage return key.
    (Ok didn't seem to work) The Droid powered off all the way and when I powered it on again the screen unlock worked now.

    I never took the battery out.
  5. ndrex

    ndrex New Member

    Figured it out. Go to menu, more, unlock screen
  6. vsrp2000

    vsrp2000 New Member

    Thanks a million. So obvious, that we tend to overlook.

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