Please help: Droid X logistics tmrw (want 2 new phones in person)

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    Jan 6, 2010
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    OK, I'm not very well versed..can someone tell me the best way to handle this situation?

    I currently have a Droid Eris with Verizon, and I won't be eligible for the NE2 (mine comes in 2011).

    My girlfriend is switching over from ATT and the iPhone (I convinced her to get a Droid X - sweet!)

    We want to get on the same wireless plan with Verizon.

    So, what will I need to do to get 2 Droid Xs tomorrow and setup a new plan? She wants to port her existing # from ATT. She is also working all day - is this something I can do myself? Will I need her phone? Her billing info/etc?

    To recap:
    2 users want to get on the same Verizon plan, 1 currently has Verizon with a Droid Eris, the other is coming from ATT and wants to port #. What is the best way to handle this?



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