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  1. MatthewSchenke

    MatthewSchenke New Member

    I have a Samsung Stratosphere. I set a password, which I somehow forgot!

    I've read in many tech sites that after 5 attempts I should see the "Forgot Password" button and then enter my Google credentials. That's sounds great!

    The problem is, I made 60 attempts but the "Forgot Password" button never appears. All I see is the "Emergency Number" button.

    Has this happened to anyone else? What other method can I use to get into my phone?


  2. saptech

    saptech Well-Known Member

  3. MatthewSchenke

    MatthewSchenke New Member

    Hi saptech,
    Thanks for the link. It's a little confusing.

    I don't know why my phone does not behave like all the other phones! Seems most Android phones have the "forgot password" button on the log-in screen.

  4. lilc420

    lilc420 Member

    First off remove your SD Card. << MUST DO!

    Hard reset holding Volume + , Volume - and Power Button at the same time. On boot option screen press Volume - and highlight Wipe/Factory Reset and press the Home button. If you get the Confirm Password screen just enter the password wrong 5x. It will then warn you that everything will be deleted from SD Card. Click OK and it will warn you a second time. Click OK again and it should now Erase your phone. Highlight Reboot and click Home button. You should now have a accessible reset phone.

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