Please help: Galaxy S3 is frozen and I can't remove the batterySupport

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  1. carnifern

    carnifern New Member

    I looked online for a solution to this and came up empty but maybe someone here can help. My Galaxy S3 is frozen with the screen dark and the green LED lit. Normally I'd just remove the battery but I have the phone in a Draco bumper which screws closed and the allen wrench for it is at home while I'm at work so I can't open the phone at all. I've tried various combinations of buttons to try to reset it (vol up plus power, vol down plus power, home button plus power) and it won't reset.

    Is there another way to reset it without being able to remove the battery? I hate having to go without the phone for the entire day since I need to use it as my mp3 player at lunch. I figure I'm SOL but I figured I'd ask people more knowledgable than myself just in case.


  2. sleeco

    sleeco Well-Known Member

    Try holding the power button only, keep it pressed for at least 20 secs, or until it restarts
  3. carnifern

    carnifern New Member

    Thanks for the tip but no luck sadly. I called Samsung and all they did is tell me how to do a factory reset which won't work in the phone's current state anyway. I have a tiny screwdriver and I think I may see if it might work to open the screws even though it's a different type.

    Sadly I can't even rely on the battery dying since it was freshly charged. This is the one time I'm lamenting the excellent battery life instead of praising it!

    I'm going to go on the hunt for a tiny screwdriver to see if it will by some chance work.

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