PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!! How can I unlock the SIM Card?Support

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  1. Dvncn

    Dvncn Active Member

    I downloaded the MIUI version 6 rom for the Huawei u8150, but I cannot recieve any service because the SIM card is locked and I dont know the pin.

    Where can I get the pin number? Are there any websites that offer to give the unlock code for free?

    If not, what number can I call? I have MetroPcs. How do I contact them to ask them for the Sim Card Pin number??


  2. DerekElensar

    DerekElensar Well-Known Member

    if it's anything like the iPhone my parents have, then when their SIM locked them out, they had to go on the AT&T website to find the exact code.

    If it's a SIM code that you set, then I would try a factory reset, since at this point you don't really have anything to lose.

    Otherwise you can call MetroPCS and have them troubleshoot it, but please note that rooting and loading a ROM on it most likely voids your warranty, and they may refuse to help you, since they can say it was a "user error."

    Hope this helps, and best of luck to you all! =)

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