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Please Help I am ungrading from BB 9630Tips

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  1. harrisppp

    harrisppp Member

    Please help me. I,m a new user, and certain things I am not happy with my EVO shift.
    Namely, The contact screens(people) is no tiny I can hardly read it. In the BB one could adjust the font size. I am in sales, and found it was a pleasure to keep all my clients info in ONE easily readable place.

    Secondly, I find the sound quality is not as good as the BB. Especially the speaker which on the back side of the phone tends to difuse the sound when you are in a car or on the street. My main concern is the contact screen and I'm considering returning the EVO and getting the new BB spirit. Does anyone have any solutions two these two issues?

  2. burndog79

    burndog79 Active Member

    There are two types of people out there my friend. Blackberry people, and normal people. You just may be a blackberry peoples, and might be happier with a blackberry. If you think you might not be, i suggest hanging in there and becoming accustomed to the awesomeness of the android. If you do and go back to blackberry, you will be kicking the door down to get back into an android. I am a recovering blackberry user myself. Ha ha.
  3. harrisppp

    harrisppp Member

    You might be right,but that doesn't answer my question. There are some people in that world that actually work. We need to read all the info they want in a readable fashion. ITS simple courtesy that HTC should allow us to size our fonts in the contact screen. Even this current site allows it.
  4. sajmonides

    sajmonides Well-Known Member

    like burndog79 said, there's blackberry ppl and normal ppl. I'm assuming you're an older person if you can't read your phone clearly, so if blackberry seems a better option for you, don't hesitate to go back. I think android OS is designed much better in every way than any blackberry i have ever held and seen. Font can be changed but only after rooting your phone and downloading an app that does it for you. If font size is a major issue for you, then choose blackberry over android. There are many many many features that android is superior over blackberry however.
  5. harrisppp

    harrisppp Member

    Can you please tell me-what is rooting? How do you do it?
  6. sajmonides

    sajmonides Well-Known Member

  7. harrisppp

    harrisppp Member

    I'm new to the phone. I think I'll wait a little while to master the basics, before I get into rooting.

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