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Please help! I cant get out of car modeSupport

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  1. ninja_reject

    ninja_reject Well-Known Member

    Ok I have an HTC inspire. This car mode keeps popping up at random times! Like a list of actions that are easy to press if you are driving. I tried going to settings and force closing it, I tried a battery pull, nothing works!
    I have had this phone for 2 months, it is sadly unrooted. I have never even used the stupid car panel before! Oh, and this problem just started today.

  2. MrDrumngun

    MrDrumngun Member

    When you pull down the status bar is there an option to "press to exit car mode"?
  3. thebayisok

    thebayisok Member

    I dont know how to help you but before I bought my phone one of the demo Inspires had this same problem.
  4. ninja_reject

    ninja_reject Well-Known Member

    Yes, there is that option. It exits for like 20 seconds, then pops up again. I'm really about to cry! I could barely make this post, it keeps popping up.
  5. thebayisok

    thebayisok Member

    Sounds like the same thing I saw
  6. ninja_reject

    ninja_reject Well-Known Member

    Ok, in case anyone reads this that had this problem, my issue was fixed by getting a new charger. I did try factory reset, I wish I hadn't. Now I lost half my contacts and had to re-download all apps. And it didn't help my problem at all.
  7. vishnu219

    vishnu219 New Member

    From what I've read, this is actually a hardware issue. Have you used a new, generic phone charger? Or has the phone gotten wet or damp? I believe I just fixed this by using compressed air and blowing out the connector inputs. It seems to have worked so far. This has been such a nuisance for the past week and it's been draining my battery!
  8. RandomUsername

    RandomUsername New Member

    Alright so this problem started a few days ago, my phone won't stop putting itself in car mode. I could set it on the table and it will just go into car mode and it's really starting to irritate me. I tried cleaning out the ports a bit by blowing a little compressed air into it but it didnt help at all. Is it possible to terminate the car app at all by putting it in disk drive mode? Or should I take it to AT&T?
    Any help would be appreciated
    P.S. the phone is not jailbroken
  9. 2manyPHONES

    2manyPHONES Well-Known Member

    Threads merged, same topic.

    I hope I don't run into this problem it sounds like a real PITA
  10. ultradroid

    ultradroid So many android phones... VIP Member

    What about freezing the Car Home app, with Titanium or Bloat Freezer? Would that serve to remove Car Home from the active applications and prevent this sort of thing from occurring?

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  11. beeezy

    beeezy New Member

    I've had my Inspire since February and the same thing happened to mine. I tried blasting the ports with compressed air. Also tried turning it off in the drag down menu. Didn't work, so I put it in airplane mode for about ten minutes then turned it off and it hasn't happened since.
  12. sparis

    sparis New Member

    This happened to me. THE PHONE IS DEFECTIVE GO TO A LOCAL AT&T STORE!! My phone was POSSESSED by car mode, popping up and forcing me to exit it seriously...about 100 times in a day once. It made me crazy mad, HTC told me that the jack needed to be blown out with compressed air...it still was doing it. HTC told me to mail in my phone and I would be without it for 5-10 business days. AWFUL! I went to my local AT&T store and they got on the phone and said a refurbished one would be mailed to me (I went in on Friday and the phone was here on Tuesday). All i needed to do was mail back my possessed phone back in the box, which was very easy. No charge from AT&T, HTC wanted to charge me, ugh!
  13. brittycat

    brittycat New Member

    I have the same exact problem and it started when i started using the HTC brand phone charger that came with the phone. I never used it when i first got the phone bc I lost it so I always have had a store brand one and i nevrr had that issue, but now I found it and started to use it, the problem started and i didnt realize it had anything to do with the charger until I read one of the posts above stating that. I really love this phone but I keep having small errors with it, like the volume button will not work, will at&t fix this stuff for me, or at least replace.the phone for me?
  14. 2manyPHONES

    2manyPHONES Well-Known Member

    If you got the phone from ATT and it's under the 30 days you can exchange it for a new one. Otherwise they will swap it out with a refurb. Just call them and speak with someone from the warranty department to start the claim.
  15. impsblodds

    impsblodds New Member

    yea athis car mode stuff started with me a day ago. I have already had my first inspire replaced and again after two months I gotta get another one.
  16. redwun

    redwun New Member

    it's the charging port / charger end . I can wiggle my charging plug left and right a little and it goes in car mode. I couldn't figure it out while using my android when it was plugged in .I checked this forums I noticed someone said the charger .so I figured I maybe I musta been hitting it with my hand .and sure enough, I went on the main home screen I moved the plug little left and fight and it went into car mode.
  17. maxfxn

    maxfxn New Member

    had this problem. tried new charger and factory reset and nothing. had to get the phone replaced.
  18. jackshtc

    jackshtc New Member

    I had the same problem with car mode and it is the charger port pins on the phone. I looked at mine with a magnifying glass and they were a greenish color (copper corrosion I assume). I would also assume dirt would or could cause the same problem. I bought some DeoxIT from Radio Shack ($17 thank you very much); it’s a two part kit... contact cleaner and contact preserver I guess you could call it. I turned the phone off, sprayed the dickens out of both the phone pin connector and the charger connector with the cleaner then immediately plugged it in and unplugged it several times real quick. I did that twice thinking they may clean each other physically. Then, I sprayed the preserver on the phone pin, let it all dry a little bit and so far car mode has not popped up again. The stuff is apparently safe for plastics because I have no damage to the case. You may want to wrap a paper towel or rag around yours just to be safe. Hope this helped.
  19. darclear

    darclear New Member

    I was looking for help on something else, when I saw this thread in the Google results. I realized that my phone was in car mode. I was able to turn it off. But I realized what caused it to be in car mode. I was charging my phone with a USB cord through my car lighter and I reboot the phone and it came up in car mode. I reboot the phone while it was still charging that's what caused it to be in car mode. if it's not the same for you it could be the pins of your charger for your phone.
  20. MissTec

    MissTec New Member

    This is how to fix your problem

    1. Go to a homescreen where you have room for an icon.
    2. Click the arrow on the bottom right to bring up the 'add to homescreen' menu
    3. Choose 'Shortcut'
    4. Choose 'Settings'
    5. Choose 'Car Dock'. (I know I never knew this existed either.)

    Once the icon appears on the screen, click it and un-check 'Auto Launch'.

    Goodluck 😊

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