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  1. To make a really long story short, after Sprint's recent ota 5.07.651.1 (the update that came with the Sprint connections optimizer) was installed on my phone, I could no longer download or update ANY apps on the android/google play market while connected to 4G. Went to the Sprint store to get it fixed, they tried and failed, got a new replacement handset with ota 5.07.651.1 already installed, same exact issue. Reached the conclusion that the update screwed things up. Downloaded and tried to use this RUU file to revert back to the old build right before this one (4.67.651.1):

    This was unsuccesful as the error message it gave me said:


    The ROM Update Utility cannot update your Android phone.

    Please get the correct ROM Update Utility and try again.

    My hboot is 2.18.0001, is there a version of the above RUU file that is compatible with my bootloader version?

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    Your link errored ...
    is this your link?
    Please Help! I Think Sprint's Recent Evo4G Update 5.07.651.1 Messed Up My Phone! - xda-developers
    If so, like Capt said you can unlock your bootloader with HTCdev method
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    Just the warranty with HTC....Sprint would still be able to work on phone with root...they did with mine.
    You can always unroot if you are wary.:)
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    ok to answer why you could not use the ruu is because ruu's are not backwards compatible. they only work if your software is older then the software in the ruu. so becuase the your phone had 5.07 the 4.67 ruu will not work. unfortunately there has not been a 5.07 ruu out yet. not as why there is not a ruu for 5.07 yet.

    so the only way to downgrade is to root the phone via HTCdev method and flash a 4.67 rom.

    here is the guide if you want:
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