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  1. FilipGereg

    FilipGereg New Member

    Obviously, its the Optimus L5. Cheap and cheerful.. or not :c
    I was able to play games, use camera, watch pictures, videos etc etc on the phone. Not anymore. Once, the battery died and the phone shut off. When I turned it back on, it was no longer working properly. If I entered a game (for example, Hill Climb Racing) a black screen would appear, like the game was starting, and then disappear with the message "Sorry! Unfortunately, Hill Climb Racing has stopped." It's like this with any other game. When I try to use the camera, it only shows black, although it does work and takes a picture, it only cannot display them. It is weird, when I enter gallery every single picture is black, and then when I zoom into them, they show. When I zoom out, black again. And, when the phone is locked, it reacts on touch buttons!!! I can turn on the screen by touching the touch button! And the very irritating part - nothing works, and it is just EATING the battery while idling!! (probably because of those touch buttons, dunno). Anyway, I was trying and trying to find solutions online, but didn't have any luck.
    Then I got really mad and reseted the phone. That made everything normal again. But I lost everything on the phone.. All savegames, anything on the phone memory.
    I noticed the phone sometimes restarted when I turned off WiFi. I didn't really care that much tho, I just waited for it to restart. But yesterday, it restarted... and turned back on with the EXACT SAME problems as I had before, that novel I just wrote you. I really really don't want to reset it again. It's not running in safe mode, I checked, turned it on in safe mode and restarted, no improvements. No system updates, nothing.

    Please help me.. I can reset it as a last resort, but this happened the second time now, and I am sure it will happen again.. And I really don't want to reset it every month or so.

  2. rich2626

    rich2626 Well-Known Member

    Just take it into a repair shop...
  3. FilipGereg

    FilipGereg New Member

    I lost the warranty.. and I have no intention of paying for something that isn't my mistake. I did a reset. All I can do is hope it won't happen again.

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