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Please Help Locked Out and ADB cant find Device.Support

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  1. adrian1747

    adrian1747 New Member

    Im locked out of my phone after too many pattern attempts, I already tried my email and password, tried without @gmail.com, tried password null, tried to do a hard reset but aparently some at&t phones have that option disabled :mad: so i cant get to that menu either.
    I have installed SDK and ADB on my win7 PC but when i try to do anything it says "device not found". I dont think usb debugging was enabled on it before it locked out(never tought I'd need it).
    Please help, is there a way to reset the phone from my pc? Oh and taking it to at&t or samsung is out of the question, my warranty is expired and I'm out of the US for the next two months.

  2. adrian1747

    adrian1747 New Member

    I also tried pressing home during a call and holding the menu while on the emergency call screen, it takes me to search, i search for settings but when I select it, it inmediately goes back to the locked screen.
  3. Silvertag

    Silvertag Well-Known Member

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