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Please help me!!! Android nub here! How do i update??? (Browse All)

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  1. Athenewins

    Athenewins New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jun 24, 2010
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    Hi there,
    i'm a total android noobie here so excusse my ignorance,

    I recently got an HTC desire from Orange in the UK.
    However it had shit loads of orange branding on it so i got annoyed and rooted it using nimbus guide or something (creating a gold card then flashing a stock rom on)
    Works fine and all!
    (i didn't install apps2sd)

    However I'm currently on software number 1.15.405.4
    I got an update for 1.21.405.2 but even when i tried to install it with my goldcard in the phone it'd give me this red questionmark followed by the phone rebooting and then taking me back to 1.15.405.4.

    I want to upgrade to the new froyo update for the htc desire that got released a few days ago. I can't OTA update since it needs me to install 1.21.405.2 first, and i can't install that.

    My phone is not unlocked.

    Is there a way i can just flash the new ROM on?
    If so, how do i do that exactly and where do i get the rom from.

    all the best,

    Android Nub


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