Please help me cure my headache (T-MobileUK rooting & Flashing)

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  1. Manxminx

    Manxminx Active Member

    Ok, Hi.

    HTC Desire GSM SLCD Screen
    Android ver. 2.2 T-Mobile UK Branded

    Baseband ver.
    Kernel ver.
    Build no. 2.10.405.2 CL 226611 release_keys
    Software no. 2.10.405.2
    Browser ver. Webkit 3.1

    Hboot Ver. 0.93.0001
    Bravo PVT4 SHIP S-ON
    MICROP -051d
    Touch Panel - SYNT0101
    Radio -
    Aug. 10, 2010, 17:52:18

    What I want: Rooted, s-off, CyanogenMod

    I have read so many 'how to' guides I'm really getting totally confused. Also, things posted a few months ago are no longer valid.

    I know DanFrance has posted a[FAQ] Rooting thread, but what I really need to know is exactly what steps I need to take and in what order. Lekkys guides are excellent and so well written, but invalid if, like me, one has bootloader 0.93.

    Also, the Amon-Ra guide is not a guide at all, it doesn't tell one what to do, in what order. It just gives a list of features. No help at all for the Noobs like me!

    I would be extremely grateful if someone could just list for me what I need to do, in which order. I can follow how-to guides, so you don't need to tell me how to do it (well, apart from the Amon-Ra!), just what to do and in which order!

    I have a 16Gb SD card on order, but in the meantime can use the card that came with the phone as a goldcard.

    I really do hope someone can help me on this.

    many thanks in advance,


  2. EddyOS

    EddyOS Well-Known Member

    That ROM version isn't T-Mobile, T-Mobile UK is x.xx.110.x. I think yours is possibly an Indian ROM??

    Other than that, you need to:

    1. Root using unrEVOked
    2. S-OFF using AlphaRev
    3. Flash the ROM

    I wouldn't S-OFF, though, if you're a n00b as chances are you don't even need to use it

    EDIT: Your ROM version is the South East Asia regional version
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  3. InfernalByte

    InfernalByte Well-Known Member

    I have 0.93 and had no issues with Unrevoked. So you want to run Cyanogen? Are you planning on a2sd, Apps2sd, Darktremor? It does have issues.
  4. Manxminx

    Manxminx Active Member

    Ok, thanks so much for your reply Eddy.

    I've double checked and revised the numbers in my first post, sorry.

    Software no. 2.10.405.2

    Does this affect how I root & flash?

    I'll take your advice, thanks, and won't s-off.

    Yes, I'd like debrand it and run the Cyanogen ROM and apps2sd. Thanks for saying you had no issues with Unrevoked on 0.93. Did you follow the guide DanFrance linked to at ?

    Also, do I have to debrand before I root?

  5. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    In the faq there is a hboot section that references pvt 4 devices like yours.

    Make sure you have read this

    Then follow the unrevoked guide linked in the faq

    And flashing cyanogen will remove branding, yes
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  6. Manxminx

    Manxminx Active Member

    Yes, thanks Dan:

    Ok, so how do I use Amon-Ra? I've read the thread but it doesn't give any instructions.

  7. EddyOS

    EddyOS Well-Known Member


    The ROM version you're on if it is 2.10.405.2 is the unbranded HTC ROM. If this is what it came with out the box then you're unbranded...

    Why do you want to use Amon-RA? unrEVOked flashes Clockwork Mod which does much of what you want. I personally use Amon-RA as it offers the choice to partition your sd card but I think someone said the new CWM does as well. If you wanna use Amon-RA then you need to get the IMG file from the XDA thread and then set it to be used by unrEVOked before connecting your phone.

    If you read the correct threads then everything you need is in there. If you don't understand it then read it again until you do.
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  8. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    He has a pvt4 nand chip with erase size 40000. Clockwork mod doesn't support this unless you use the alpharev modded version with the alpharev 1.8 s-off ISO.

    OP; download that version of amon ra. Unrevoked asks if you want to supply your own recovery image or not. You do so select that option and browse to your download
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  9. Manxminx

    Manxminx Active Member

    Right Thanks Eddy & Dan. :D

    Ok, checked it again, and yes, 2.10.405.2 I got the phone from so I guess they've sourced it from outside the UK.

    If I use the Amon-Ra CM img then I'll have Cyanogen on my phone.

    I guess seeing as mine is unbranded (I've not seen a branded T-Mobile phone, so I just logically thought seeing as mine was T-Mobile, it was branded) I don't need to create a gold card?

    SO . . .

    I've installed Hboot driver as per instructions. Next I set Unrevoked to use custom Amon-Ra Cm img, then follow the Unrevoked instruction guide.

    I don't need to back up because I've got nothing I need to backup.

    And I'll end up with a Cyanogen ROM on my phone.

    Am I on the right lines here? Sheeesh, this is scary!

  10. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Hang on, Amon RA is based on work by cyanogen but its a recovery image required to flash custom roms. It does not give you the Cyangoen rom though.

    When you say you want cyanogen on your phone, this is NOT it.

    You need to root and get custom recovery first, THEN you need to choose and floash a custom ROM, cyanogen being one of the choices available.
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  11. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    slow down guys, he has pvt4 but not all pvt4 have 40000 erase size

    1st step is find out if you have this device for sure

    1. download android sdk install the tools and open command prompt and go to tools
    Code (Text):
    1. cd c:\android-sdk-windows\tools
    2. type
    Code (Text):
    1. adb shell
    hit return and then
    Code (Text):
    1. cat /proc/mtd
    and hit return
    look for the erase size value. if its 20000 then its a standard nandchip pvt4 so rooting and custom romming with be pretty problem freee (standard device)
    If it says 40000 use this thread for custom recovery as even amonRA 2.0.1 is not 100% and the coder of Alpharev s-off recommends this one
    Alpharev now supports the new pvt4 40000 devices but be warned not all roms do, it wont brick but youll get boot loops

    I have a feeling you are on a 20000 PVT4 chip though as you are on 2.10.405.2 stock which is a few months old now. the newer PVT4 chips ship with the later code of 2.29 or voda 2.33
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  12. EddyOS

    EddyOS Well-Known Member

    Unbranded phones aren't from outside the UK, I got mine from CPW and it was also unbranded
  13. Manxminx

    Manxminx Active Member

    "adb is not recognised as an internal or external command." :(

    Twice Installed the sdk and set it up, same result. :confused:

    So any idea what am I doing wrong?

    Should I just go with assuming I've got 20000? No, maybe not, never assume anything. Maybe to be safe I should just go with
    Alpharev as this does both the new and old chips?

    What I don't understand with this method though is that says it's a reflash utility and you must be rooted first. So how does one root using unrevoked without reflashing?

  14. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    where have you installed it too

    you wanna grab me on irc?


    seems the java irc isnt liked by my browser
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  15. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    also reflashing wont sort your issues if you are pvt4 40000
    it really is important and MUST NOT be ignored
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  16. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Either way, amon ra supports both so safe option
  17. Manxminx

    Manxminx Active Member

    Sheesh! You lot are so helpful. What an amazing community this is :)

    Ok, nearly there, there was no adb in the tools, have downloaded and extracted it now.

    Ok, my phone isn't being recognised as a device. I've tried installing the adb driver but it rejects it. I'll continue trying. Edit: Duh! I Forgot to install HTC sync then uninstall Duh!

    Can someone confirm that? If so it'll be the easiest way i think?

  18. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    ive not seen official support and i use amonRA latest, it works but has not been built for the 40000 build unlike the pvt4 thread
  19. Manxminx

    Manxminx Active Member


    Ok folks, erase size is 20000. I'm a very happy bean-sprout right now :D:D:D:D:D

    I'm gonna take a break for the rest of the day and come back to this tomorrow when I'm fresh.

    Thank you to all of you for your help so far.

  20. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    no problem, your device is the slightly older build so everything will be as normal
    better still you are on a truely unbranded handset due to the SW version from stock

    rooting will be a sinch and the recovery that comes with it will be fine
    once rooted then get the proceed with s-off
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  21. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Allow me to rephrase. It works on both.
  22. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

  23. InfernalByte

    InfernalByte Well-Known Member

    I have pvt1. Whats pvt4? I know its a different chipset manufacturer but is that it? Do I need pvt4?
  24. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    its just the build
    slight internal changes to the chipset etc not always manufacturer
    apparently its only the new pvt4 not old pvt4 that have the new nand chip (hense the erase size)
  25. Manxminx

    Manxminx Active Member

    Well, I came back to it afresh this morning, read this thread again and all other relevant threads & Articles. Rooted no problem :D Then flashed Cyanogen using their wiki instructions. Got stuck on boot screen for over 15 mins so pulled the battery and flashed it via recovery. It works!

    So I'm busy installing key apps like Titanium backup, setcpu, quickboot, autostatrs, autokiller, etc etc etc.

    I can't thank yous all enough for helping me out here.


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