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  1. RyanDefy

    RyanDefy New Member

    I was trying to clear up room on my phone and figured because I have Camera Zoom FX I should delete the original Camera and Video apps that came with the phone. Well the camera still works but the videos will not. I deleted them with SystemApp Remover and didn't create a backup. Please help me fix this problem I'm going on vacation next week and really want to take some videos. Thanks so much and feel free to ask any questions you need. Thank You!!!

  2. jd5150

    jd5150 Active Member

    i would say your best bet would be to get the sbf file for your country and reflash it back using rsd lite. it would flash your whole phone though. that should would be a last resort though. or even flash something like miui or cyanogen which is slightly simpler. good luck anyway

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