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please help me for unlock my iphone

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    KABBOO New Member This Topic's Starter

    May 13, 2012
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    Hello all of you guys

    I'm from the Middle East

    I want to do to open my iPhone

    i was speak to customer service in at&t

    And they said to me

    I can not open the device because I do not have an account in the company or mobile number

    Who can help me to unlck my iPhone in his account ??

    Expected your response as soon as

    Thank you
    ======= my device info :
    imei :

    model: iPhone 4 32GB Black
    version: 5.0.1
    serial: 82040DW2A4T
    warranty coverage: Out of Warranty
    warranty period: 2010-10-24 /
    purchase country: United States
    activated: yes
    carrier: AT&T United States
    SIM locked: yes


  2. AdrianVincent

    AdrianVincent Member

    May 13, 2012
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    Afternoon, firstly your on an Android forum not IOS but oh well, there's a view ways to unlock an iPhone,

    With the network directly but that obv isn't available to you because you've contacted them already.

    Go to Apple (haven't done this way myself)

    Or do a Baseband unlock, may as well Jailbreak it as well with the GreenPoison Jailbreak, you will have to hunt for the files because your pretty much flashing the handset with a new/custom ROM like CM7/CM9

    my best advice would be the 3rd option, it's worth a go and it's fun.

    Hope this has helped

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